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VIAFLO 96/384

The unique user concept resembles traditional manual pipetting. VIAFLO 96/384 is hand guided but movements are assisted by motors. This enables an effortless and precise workflow. Pushing in one direction steers the pipetting head that way, making VIAFLO 96/384 incredibly intuitive to operate. Everyone in the laboratory is able to use the instrument without special training.
VIAFLO 96/384
Dispensing Volume Range 1 to 1250 μL
Maximum Dispensing Volume 1250 μL
Pipette Accuracy ±2 % or 0.2 ?L
Pipette Precision ±1.5 % or 0.12 ?l
Pipette Type Electronic Air Displacement
Depth 12 in
Height 21 in
Width 17 in
Power Requirements 100 – 240 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz
Weight 57 lbs (Viaflo 96), 61.1 lbs (Viaflo 384)
Additional Specifications Pipetting channels Viaflo 96: 96, individual              
Pipetting channels Viaflo 384: 96, 384             
Pipetting Speed: 10 steps              
Compatible formats: 96 and 384 wells, shallow and deep well              
Plate positions: 2              
User Interface: Touch wheel, color display              
Operating conditions: Temperature: 5°C – 40°C, Humidity: < 85% non-condensing


  • VIAFLO 96/384 is used like a hand held pipette and has an intuitive user interface, freeing staff from training time.             
  • Bench top sized, it requires little space and fits into laminar flow hoods.             
  • Interchangeable pipetting heads: Pipetting heads can quickly be changed to adapt VIAFLO 96 / 384 to the application’s volume range, guaranteeing best pipetting performance at all times.             
  • Up to 10 predefined pipetting modes are available to minimize set up time. Alternatively personalized custom programs can be created to suit diverse application needs.             
  • GripTips together with the new tip fitting interface form a integral system, preventing effectively tips from falling off and guaranteeing a perfect sealing to achieve best pipetting results.             


  • VIAFLO 96 Electronic 96 Channel Hand Held Pipettor
  • VIAFLO 384
VIAFLO 96 Electronic 96 Channel Hand Held Pipettor

VIAFLO 96 Electronic 96 Channel Hand Held Pipettor

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