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no rotor

EPPENDORF 5415C lid latch keeps cycling on and off when plugged in

Seems to spin correctly, all timer and speed functions work.  But lid latch keeps clicking on and off before or after runs, and even when just plugged in.  I tried replacing the lid latch mechanism, but no luck.  Anyone have a service...

Adjust temp setting?

Hello, I'm trying to find the controll board so that I can adjust the set point.  Please advise. Thank you.

AA iCE 3500 Error MD 1066

Hi,   I'm getting Error MD 1066 on my AA iCE 3500. It says " A furnace contactor error has been detected. Check the furnace cuvette".   I have replaced the contact cones and cuvette and i'm still getting the same...

Burns main 6 A fuse

I have this 5415 C centrifuge, I can spot nothing obvious. With the frequency dial at min it spins for several seconds and after that it burns the main 6 A fuse. The rotor and stator coils are continuous. The relays look fine and I can see them...


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