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Poor Accuracy

We are using 0.1N Silver Nitrate to analyze Chloride.  We run a daily system suit check with 0.1N NaCl as our "standard" to measure the system.  Starting last week we began having issues with the readback running high at ~0.1015N...

scan stopped

what should we do during running sample observe "the scan was stopped due to an error during acquisition. restart the acquisition or contact technical support through"...?

Plasma can not ignites

The board was broken, need service manual. my email

Wavelength calibration failed , Service Diagnostics Password

Hello Every one : I have two questions. 1) Why I am not able to do the wavelength calibration?  I am sure my instrument is fine (I have checked that with a Holmium cell and I have got the exact number 445.7nm) but It says wavelength...

Increase cool down segment time

How do I increase the cool down time between samples when using an autosampler? I am using universal analysis software 2012.

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TwistDx’s recently launched range of liquid format Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA) kits are ideal for rapid testing applications and high throughput laboratory use. This isothermal DNA/RNA amplification technology represents a...

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