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User Manual

Anybody had the user manual available for this co2 incubator?

T2 Temp problem

Hi, I am trying to fix a problem I encountered while using Avanti J# centrifugre. It is now showing T2, TEMP...Call service. I have tried: 1. turning on/off machine 2. 411   It still does not work. I am not sure what to...


This FPLC System has not been serviced in years and I would like to have a representative come into the lab to analyze the instrument.

repairing akta explore

hi.. in my laboratorium we have akta explorer for proteine purification but for a long time it cannot use anymore and it must be intall or repaired again... i need information about repairing it   thank atep dian

Zero counts

Trying to resurrect an LS 6500. Got the elevator working and fixed a printer problem. Now I'm getting H# Count rate too low error when counting. If I switch to just plain cpm I get a count rate of zero. Suspect power supply, but everything else...

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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb), a global provider of life science research and clinical diagnostic products, today announced the launch of IncRNA Workflow, a RT-qPCR workflow that is optimized for highly sensitive and specific...

Metrohm is proud to announce the release of its new handheld Raman material identification system Mira DS. Mira DS safely identifies illicit substances and explosives without the need for direct contact with the material in question, making it an...

These days, digital capture and management of sample information and experimental data are increasingly gaining in significance. The Eppendorf booth, too, will be entirely networked. At this North American premiere, the Eppendorf VisioNize system...