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quote request accessories

We need to buy the following accessories, please if you can send us a quote with shipping costs to this address, or you can give us contact your dealer in Miami Florida. Accessories for iCE 3000 SeriesAA Spectrometers 1- 942339381261 Spare...

GFAAS error

Hello Do you know what might cause an error MD1063 (Furnace power supply error)? This problem began to appear during each analysis. Best regards, Sabina

dr ariemma giovanni

Hallo , i have a problem of low results in z score for  lead and cadmium with my ice 3000 spectrometer, someone could help me ? For thermo the device is ok, my standard and my water are ok too.

I need a service manual

I am need of a service manual for our Pharmacia Biotech Ultrospec 2000. Any ideas where I can find this document?

AA Ice 3300 Error

Hello! Do you know what might cause an error MD 1049 (The furnace flow cooling is too low) This problem appears sometimes during each analysis. The flow rate of cooling water is 0.8 - 1.0 L/min. Thanks

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