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hi, Im trying to builde a method for FORMOL number determination. basicly its a simle acid/base titration in to step. first step titration of the sample till ph=8.1 next titration of the sample+10 ml formaldeheyde till ph=8.1. what shuld be...

connection with computer

Dear all I am trying to install Perkin Elmer  aanalyst 400 that was left in stock for 5 years ,I installed winlab32 and connect it by serial port but when starting winlab it try to connect but that  failed every time. I need a help...

Varian Saturn 2000 Trap Heater Failing

I have replaced the trap heater in my Varian Saturn 2000 3 times in the last year.  What am I missing?   What can I do to get a replacement to last longer?

user manual

i need user manual of Dani gc1000

GC 2010 Trouble shooting

Hi good day to you Recently i was changed the CMOS battery. then when i turn on the GC i got CAL sensor short circuit Error message on the GC display.could you please help me to sougt out this issue.  Thanks.

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Metrohm USA is pleased to announce the winner of its 2017 Young Chemist Award, Aldin Malkoc. Aldin is completing his graduate work at Arizona State University where he works under the supervision of Professor Michael Caplan, Chair of the Biomedical...

World Precision Instruments (WPI) has introduced the MemoryFlex™ Surgical Scissors which cut better, last longer and cause less trauma to tissue. The memory steel patented technology provides the ultimate in durability. Memory steel...

Proprietary, cost-effective process restores performance, while new optics deliver high reflectivity and precision Rigaku Innovative Technologies (RIT), a global supplier of high performance multilayer optics, announces that it cleans and...