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speed testing

is there any specific to test a speed in ultra high speed centrifuge?

Lid Does Not Stay Open

Hello All, The Eppendorf 5810 series is a good line of centrifuges but they contain one major flaw, the strut that supports the very heavy lid fails. Several years ago I payed more that $1200 to have an Eppendorf tech replace the strut. The...

Reflotron PLUS

My Reflotron Plus is giving error 113 checksum eeprom.  Can anyone help me out to fix it?  I need information as to what to do. Any one with suggestions should kingly send me. Thanks.

PSS Inlet shutdown

The gc cant achieved the pressure that has been set. Already changed the septa, liner, o-ring, ferrule and cut the column. The pressure can last for about few minutes before dropped back to 0.


Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good maintenance tool kit for the agilent 1100 that doesn't cost a fortune. cheers, Dave


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