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Agilent 1100 autosampler flexcable

Hello, Recently we had an accident with the flexcable of the transport assembly in a G1313A autosampler. It was brocken and now we need a new one, but we can not get it from Agilent because they sell only the complete Transport Assembly...

Need cost per year for 2016 budget

I CANNOT find my "IMCS Live" folder. All of the details for pricing are in it and we are working on the 2016 budgeted expenses. We currently have IMCS LIVE. Can you please let me know what the annual price is. I am in the Laboratory...

fault f04

Blowing in line fuse

Missing manual

Hello, I am looking for the manual of an Burleigh (EXFO) WA-10L wavelength meter. Old equipment, but I think that works yet...

Calibration CD Beckman Coulter LS™ 13 320 Series

we have LS 13 320 and had issues with the installation CD. We were able to overcome it but during the installation, it is also asking for calibration CD which is also missing. How can we be helped. Thank you. S.N...

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Analytik Jena AG is the world’s first company to bring to the market a kit with CE-IVD certification for the molecular diagnostic quantification of hepatitis delta virus (HDV) RNA, thus reaching a major new milestone in the standardization of...

New Chip Prep Module Streamlines Workflow and Reduces Hands-On Time for Laboratories Implementing Genetic Testing...

Silver colloids and invisible ink Measurement type: Zeta potential Date: September 2 2015 - September 2 2015 Time: 10:30 - 11:30 (GMT-05:00) Eastern Event type: Webinar -...