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Liquid volumes unaccounted for

My small company has pretty recently started using the Biomek FX and NX machines.  We have noticed that it "eats" up a bunch of liquid.  For example - we used to make 120mL of reagent for 12 ELISA plates when we were manually...

diffusion pump oil

Don, Is there anything tremendously special about the diff pump oil in the ultras? I'm finding a range of about $50 ~ $300 for 500mL on various vacuum pump websites, and Beckman wants $300 for 100mL. Jeff

heat pump not working

at PTC 100 model,heat pump fault shows on the display ?

What is pixel in BWtek miniram spectrometer?

I have the BWtek miniram spectrometer in my school lab. I can't understand what the pixel is? My guess is that it is an individual detector in the detector array. The output data shows wavelength for every pixel. Can different individual pixels...

bubble in sample error

I have a 248 and have recently been getting either a bubble in sample error or a not sample read error. I did a preventative maintenance (deprotenize/conditioner) and checked all the airline and did a primer and I continue to get the error. has...

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