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Could you please help me I have  a eppendor termalcycler 5331 but this message appear  MID BLOCK DEFEKTIVE, (the program its abort)  it´s unable to reach any set temperature what should I do ?; it was working...

Mastercycler 5331

Could you please help me I have  a eppendor termalcycler but this message appear  Tsensor 0 err what should I do ?

homing error

homing error

column gas flow does not stabilize if split is open

I have a Varian GC/Ion Trap MS system, with temp 70C to 310C, ramp 5C / min with flow of 1.0 ml / min on HP-5 MS column. Solvent pyridine. The column gas flow do not keep stable if split is open. I even reach the GC stabilization for a new...

lid won't release after a run

Hi Don,How's the cruise?I've got one from the archives for you - a Microfuge 11 (I had to pick the 12 from the list because the 11 isn't on it).The lid will not release after a run, but after opening it via the emergency release access it works fine...

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At upcoming events in the colloids conference calendar, physicists from Malvern instruments will reveal new advances in the measurement of interfacial interactions that directly support the control of industrial product performance. The advances...

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments today announces the release of its AOC-6000 robotic autosampler, which features new time-saving tools to maximize laboratory productivity. In addition to the standard injection techniques: liquid, headspace, and...

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