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Avanti J-26 XP FRS Error

I have an Avanti J-26 XP that has recently started giving an FRS error. The vacuum pump test shows the chamber pressure is only getting down to ~366 mmHg. I have cleaned and greased the door seals with no improvement.  What are the next...

Avanti J-26 XP Dead

I have another Avanti J-26 XP that wont power on at all. I have tried plugging it into known good outlets (swapping with working centrifuges), with no luck.  Do I have any options besides a service visit?

Transformer humming, then unit shut down at 1500rpm

Hi, the calibration field service told me the transnformer need to be replace. Is this true? The odometer on this unit is 5991437 x1000 rev is it time to put it away?  thanks, Trong    

ez omnic software avatar 360 ftir

Hi the PC broke down and we have not been able to find the original software. Could be possible to get a copy of the EZOMNIC software?

injector body installation

wire for the heating block broke off at the end that fits into block. Is this a thermocouple?

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