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Read/Write Test Failed

IDispatch error3081

No light for both filters

The instrument Multiskan EX plate reader has just been moved from the second to the first floor. After that, on turning it on, there was a notification of "No light" for both filters 450nm and 650nm and it could not read the plate...

Alarm Checks

How do you correctly do an alarm check on one of the freezers with out just holding the door open until the temperature rises?  

connection corf

I have an old Corbett R.G. 2000 with a missing cord. Can anyone help by selling me the cord or sending me a picture?

Fisher 546 / Forma 3158/3546 CO2 incubators

Has anyone had any success in troubleshooting/repairing the control/alarm modules on these incubators?


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AMSBIO announces an extended and updated edition of its popular Organoid Culture Handbook. Launched at the EMBO Symposium on Organoids: Modelling Organ Development and Disease in 3D Culture, the new 24-page handbook includes valuable information...

Convenient, fast DNA extraction suitable for point-of-care in vitro diagnostics   Arcis Biotechnology, the nucleic acid sample preparation solution provider, today announced the launch of its Arcis DNA Blood Kit (IVD), for preparation of...

Partnership will investigate non-invasive specimen preparation techniques for Arquer’s MCM5-ELISA test in a wider range of cancers  Arquer Diagnostics Ltd (Arquer), a diagnostic company which has developed a high sensitivity, high...