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Door switch replacement

The lid or door won't stay open. The switch needs replacing.

Reflotron PLUS

My Reflotron Plus is giving error 113 checksum eeprom.  Can anyone help me out to fix it?  I need information as to what to do. Any one with suggestions should kingly send me. Thanks.

DSQ II data aquesetion problem during analyzing

Hi friendsfor my DSQ II I formatted the PC and installed a fresh copy of X-Calibur software but during the analysis i faced many problems , it is:why i can't see the real time plot (no data file)(no any signal during analysis time ).the sampler is...

GC retention time trouble

I have a Shimadzu GC17A, TCD with split/splitless injector. Retention times have been steadily increasing. I have replaced all filters and the molecular sieve, cleanout out split lines, conditioned the detector and injection port, replaced the...

how to retrofit the 2nd stage compressor and buying R508b or Suva 95 for retrofittingprocure

I have an ultra low freezer with bad 2nd stage compressor. I need supplier that could sell 13 kg or lower of R508b or suva 95 i.e the refrigerant gas used at 2nd stage.

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