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"Drive" error

Hi all, Among other duties, I am responsible for the care of a Beckman TL-100 Ultra.  Recently, we have experienced a persistent "Drive" error.  The machine will spin up to around 50,000 rpm, hang there for a second or two...

Contional method programming

Please let me know how can I put IF ELSE command in method development Like I have designed a programme which can pippete simultaniously by 8 probes in my sample is of multiple of 8(i.e 24) but what about if they are not 8 multiple (i.e 21) in that...

D2 Wavelength

Should I know wavelegth range for D2 Lamp for HITACHI U2900 ?

The line search not found

Hy! In my AA6300 the line serch is out of the wavelength recommended, and we can`t center it in the correct wavelength value. What We can do? 

no clear signal for EDX-800

Hi friendswe have got a problem on EDX-800 that when we start analysis we found that we have an incorrect spectrum for the stander A 750 , with out receiving any error message.the result of standards and samples by measuring using all the groups are...


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COLUMBIA, Md. (February 4, 2016) — Shimadzu Scientific Instruments will showcase several new products, including its latest GC-MS and triple quad LC-MS, host live demos and poster sessions, and present on the analysis of mycotoxins and medical...

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