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June 09, 2014

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Lab Manager's Independent Guide to Purchasing an Elemental Analyzer

Laboratories worldwide use elemental analyzers for measuring the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and halogen content in samples such as chemical-reaction products, soil, bodily fluids, and waste or drinking water. Benchtop elemental analyzers come in a variety of types for specific applications: total organic content (TOC), total organic halogens (TOX), nitrogen, nitrogen concentration relative to protein (nitrogen derived from protein molecules), and CHN analyzers, named after the three most common elements they measure—carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N).

This purchasing guide presents models of benchtop elemental analyzers currently available for the laboratory. Read More

Product of Interest

Halo is a never-before seen solution to cleaning the air in your laboratory.
Halo is easily mounted into your ceiling and on the job 24/7 providing healthier air for your laboratory by safely capturing chemicals and recirculating clean air back into the laboratory.

Utilizing the power of Erlab’s proprietary Neutrodine filtration technology, Halo eliminates noxious fumes while simultaneously improving the air quality of the lab.
  • Healthier air with considerable savings
  • Simple to install and use - no need to connect to your HVAC
  • Smartphone technology allows simple monitoring of the unit
Read more about the Halo air filtration system at the erlab website.


The Miele PG 8527 Glassware Washer at a Glance

PG 8527

  • Low water consumption — just 9.1 gallons per fill and adjustable
  • High performance washing with two pumps and high circulation rate
  • Automatic basket recognition
  • 316 stainless steel wash chamber with laser welded seams
  • Factory rated for 15,000 operating hours
  • Wash mixed loads of tall and small glassware

Visit the Miele Professional website to learn more about their laboratory Glassware Washers

Help your Colleagues

elementar vario macro cube Error
While analysing, an error message appears "Mass flow out of range" when Nitrogen integration. After the analyses ends an error message appears "Critical error occurred". What should I do? Help this member.

Thermo Scientific FLASH 2000 NC Analyzer Error Message
We are using a Flash 2000 and an Eager Xperience Software. When we try to see the calibration curve we have an error message saying "error 9". What is the meaning of it? Share your knowledge.

LECO Corporation CNS-2000 leaking
I had high results for Nitrogen in my Leco CNS2000 and according to the diagnostic test for combustion there is a leak somewhere in this circuit. Ballast and Helium tests passed successfully. I changed all the o'rings, tested again but the leak is still there.  Is there a way to locate in which part of the oxygen circuit I have this leak? I tried to bypass the anhydrone filters but it didn't help. Advise this member.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

Agilent Technologies Introduces SureSelectQXT Target Enrichment Kits for Same-Day Sample-to-Sequencing
Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the SureSelectQXT Reagent Kit, a revolutionary next-generation sequencing target enrichment solution that produces sample-to-sequencing-ready libraries in just seven hours with only 50 ng of input gDNA.  Read more.


Sartorius Stedim Biotech Launches New Single-Use Bag Family Flexsafe
Sartorius Stedim Biotech, a leading global supplier of the biopharmaceutical industry, is introducing a brand-new, scalable range of single-use bags. Its completely new developed product family Flexsafe enables the implementation of single-use bioprocessing throughout all steps of drug manufacture, from process development to production, in upstream and downstream – all using just the one innovative polyethylene film. Read more.


New Spectrum Analyzers up to 7.5 GHz from Rigol
Rigol Technologies, Inc. announces their latest series of products: 2 new high-performance, high frequency spectrum analyzers built on the extremely popular DSA800 series platform. The DSA832 and DSA875 expand the DSA800 series spectrum analyzer family to 3.2 and 7.5 GHz respectively.  Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

Thank you LECO Corporation for sponsoring the Elemental Analyzers category on LabWrench

For more than 75 years, industries around the world have trusted LECO to deliver advanced solutions for analytical analysis. Instrumentation includes elemental determinators; glow discharge spectrometers; metallographic sample preparation equipment; and optical equipment.

LECO’s newest elemental analyzers for metal and inorganic analysis feature exclusive software with touch-screen interface for intuitive instrument control. A family-owned company, LECO designs and manufactures most instrument components at its world headquarters in St. Joseph, Michigan, and products are backed by exceptional service and support long after the sale is complete.

Visit the LECO Corporation website to see their full line of Elemental Analyzer products.

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Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Spectro SPECTROLAB FE1 intensity low
I need a procedure to refill uv optic with high purity nitrogen. Help this member.

Urgent info on LECO SC632
I will like to know if the LECO SC632 can be used for Total Organic Carbon Analysis (Rock sample analysis) . A university in Nigeria is intending of purchase the LECO SC632 for this purpose. Also can you provide the required Optional Accessories needed to make it work for the TOC analysis?  Help this member.

PAC Antek MultiTek
The MultiTek displays the "auto sampler is not ready" error during the sequence running operation. What is the cause and solution of this error? Share your knowledge.

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