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December 08, 2015

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PerkinElmer/LAMBDA 25/35/45 - Unrecognized correction file
My Lambda25 unit seems unable to recognize my corrections file for my calibrated mirror. It has previously recognized this file on several occasions. I have confirmed the file still exists in the expected location and contains the expected data. The unit is used by multiple people so it is possible someone changed the settings that are creating this issue. I am seeking a way to have the corrections file re-recognized. All help is greatly appreciated. Advise this member.

Hach Company/DR 4000 - Read soft key does not appear
I have a problem with my DR4000 where the "read" option does not appear on display. This happens after replacing new vis lamp. How do I overcome this problem? Advise this member.

Sysmex/CA-1500 - Error 132
I have two patients this weekend on heparin and I am getting error 132 with Analysis time over -Early reaction error and ERE 1. The result is *277.5 for all specimens with the 50% reading between 300 and 380 seconds. When tested on the BCS the specimens yield results between 72 and 155 seconds. Any ideas? Advise this member.

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Cincinnati Sub-Zero StableClimate® II Stability Chambers

StableClimate® II stability chambers are available in temperature or temperature and humidity models. CSZ stability chambers are ideal for ICH Q1A stability testing, shelf life, package testing, accelerated aging for a variety of applications including; Pharmaceutical Products/Packaging; Medical Products/Packaging; Personal Care Products; Consumer Products and Research. All stability chambers meet the ICH Q1A pharmaceutical stability guidelines for a variety of storage conditions.

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Preventing Contamination in PCR Reactions

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), the amplification of DNA, is an established process used in molecular biology. PCR technology has made strides in medical and infectious disease diagnoses, forensics and research applications. Decisions about treatment options and clinical efficacy are often based on DNA and RNA analysis of patient cells. Ensuring proper contamination control guarantees that clinicians get the best possible results.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

LECO Corporation Opens New European Application and Technology Center in Berlin
On October 20th LECO Corporation unveiled the new European Application and Technology Center in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin. This newly established facility is fully equipped with the latest LECO analytical technology in its applications lab, having close to 25 LECO instruments available for hands-on customer demonstrations and application work. Read more.

B&K Precision Introduces the Industry's Highest Power Dual Channel DC Electronic Load Module
Unique to the MDL302 is its high power density of 300 W per channel, which saves valuable module install space. When installing multiple modules, this enables the MDL Series mainframe to have up to 8 or more 300 W channels - up to 16 channels can be supported with the MDL002 mainframe extension. The load modules in the MDL Series mainframe can be used independently or synchronized and paralleled for increased current and power. Read more.

PerkinElmer Launches Vectra® 3 System for Quantitative Pathology Imaging Research
The Vectra 3 system is part of PerkinElmer’s Phenoptics™ workflow solutions for quantitative pathology research applications. Phenoptics solutions help researchers fully characterize immune cells and tumor cells in situ within tissue, enabling visualization and analysis of complex cell interactions in ways that are difficult to achieve with other methods. Read more.

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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

JM Science/AQV-300 - Dispersing too much iodine
The AQV-300 titrator is dispersing too much iodine in our MEOH solution when a sample is ran. Do you have any ideas for why this may be happening? I have tried to clean the electrode prongs several times and this does not help. This electrode is only 3 weeks old and I am concerned that this is happening so soon. We had a similar problem with our previous electrode that was a year old. Can you please help me troubleshoot this issue. Advise this member.

Bio-Rad/BioLogic HR - Software
Is there any way possible to obtain the software to run a Bio-Rad Biologic HR System? We have a Duoflow system with a bad pump and I was hoping to use the older HR system, but our software doesn't recognise it. Advise this member.

BioTek/Synergy H4 - Having a first read and second read
I am trying to do a Free fatty acid absorbance assay and the first read should be as the blank for the final read. How can I set this in Synergy H4 for the calculation and subtraction of first read from the second one automatically (not manually)??? Advise this member.

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