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March 08, 2016

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Optimization of crude sample PCR and qPCR using Kapa Biosystems' evolved enzymes

Kapa Biosystems hosted a corporate workshop at PAG 2016, entitled "Next Generation Sequencing and Genotyping Solutions for Plant Genomics. This segment of the workshop was presented by Heather Whitehorn of Kapa Biosystems. Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

Carbolite/ELF - Time Programming
How can I program the time of calcination? Advise this member.

Anton Paar/Multiwave 3000 - Electrical
What is electrical amps, volts and exhaust CFM requirements for a Multiwave 3000? Advise this member.

METTLER TOLEDO/T70 - Stopcocks
Can a person take apart the stopcock Part # 51107537. using HCL - our stopcocks seem to be leaking and I would like to repair myself instead of ordering new. A person was able to take apart the old style ones. Advise this member.

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Product of Interest

NEW: The NEX DE VS spectrometer From Rigaku

The NEX DE VS analyzer is the newest addition to the Rigaku NEX DE Series of high-performance, direct excitation EDXRF elemental analyzers.

Each instrument in the NEX DE series is equipped with a 60 kV, 12 W X-ray tube and a high-throughput Si drift detector. This detector supports count rates in excess of 500K cps, resulting in low limits of detection. The instruments were designed for demanding applications or for situations where analysis time or sample throughput is critical, and is suitable for a broad range of applications, including exploration, research, bulk RoHS inspection, and education, as well as industrial and production monitoring applications.

Read more about the newest addition to Rigaku on the Rigaku website.

Buy It Used

 Bellco Biotechnology Orbital Shaker 7744-01000  

Asking Price: $395.00 USD


  Top 10 x 10 inches
Speed Range: 10-350 prm
Load: 11 kg (25 lb) maximum
Circular Orbit: 2.5cm (1)
115V, 60Hz

Contact ReGen Lab Equipment for
More Information

Featured Blog

Labware Cleaners: The Roles of Autoclaves and Washers

The cleaning and sterilization of laboratory, clinical, surgical and compounding equipment is necessary to ensure patient safety and accurate results. In research laboratories, improperly cleaned or sterilized glassware and instruments opens the door to unwanted contaminants. Contaminated objects can also endanger laboratory personnel through exposure to mutagenic or toxic substances.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

Laser particle sizing at the push of a button: 10 nm – 2100 µm
With the new FRITSCH Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec particle measurement becomes a simple matter, for professionals as well as for any employee – in production and quality control or in research and development. No prior knowledge is required. Just start the programme, select a SOP and add the sample – the rest takes place completely automatic. Read more.

Gilson Launches New Line of PIPETMAN® M Electronic Pipettes
Gilson has redesigned and expanded the range of its easy-to-use, PIPETMAN® M line of single and multichannel electronic pipettes. The pipettes now include guaranteed performance in repetitive pipetting mode and a programmable custom mode, enhancing results reliability. Read more.

Metrohm 917 Karl Fischer Coulometer
The new 917 Coulometer is intelligent - automatically recognizing when a sample has been injected and starting the titration without prompt. Operation is further simplified with automatic sample weight transfer from a laboratory balance and LIMS compatibility. Quick access to frequently used methods allows titration to begin with a single touch on the high-resolution color touchscreen. Read more.

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Thank you to RDM Industrial Products, Inc. for sponsoring the Lab Furniture category on LabWrench

RDM Industrial Products, Inc. manufactures and provides an array of quality industrial and laboratory furniture, including support products, to the Advanced Technology, Biotechnology, Electronics, Healthcare, and many other private and commercial industries. Established in 1977, RDM has been in business for over 30 years. Our facility is ready to provide your company with the quality furniture products and service you demand. We specialize in shipping top quality products to locations nationwide on time.

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Featured Auction

BioPharma Equipment Market #543 Europe

Sale Closing: Wednesday 9th of March 2016
Location: Various in the UK

Auction featuring:

FTIR - Perkin Elmer Spectrum One with ATR
GC - HP 6890
HPLC - modules from Agilent, Gilson, Jasco
IC - Dionex ICS-3000, DX-500
MS - Micromass Q-Tof Ultima
XRF - Bruker S2 Ranger EDXRF

Also available: Balances,Centrifuges, Microscopes, Incubators, Waterbaths Plate Readers & much more

 Contact: Matt Gadsden - +44 (0)7711 276236 (Mobile) -

Upcoming Webinar

Characterizing Polymeric
Gelling Agents using
Gel Permeation
Are You Gelling?

Thurs. Mar. 10, 2016
10:30 - 11:30 AM 
(GMT-05:00) Eastern
[US & Canada]

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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

VWR/Symphony - Maintaining constant temperature
How do I maintain constant temperature on my Symphony incubator? I want it to be permanently set at 35C and it seems to constantly autocorrect to 25C? Any suggestions? Also, I inherited this incubator with no manual. Do you know where I can get an operator's manual as well? Advise this member.

AIA 1800 - Dispense alignment lane
I recently moved this analyzer to another location, and I'm having issues with realigning the dispense lane to the sorter, can someone assist? Advise this member.

AirClean Systems/Polypropylene Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench - Error
I changed the Hepa filter and I would like to remove the error which reads "Alarm - Filter". How do I go about doing that? Advise this member.

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