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June 30, 2014

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Top 6 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Laboratory Glassware Washer

  1. How is the product manufactured? Ask about the quality of the materials used and the product life expectation based on manufacturing testing. Also find out about the product’s warranty.
  2. What differentiates the lab washer from others offered in terms of performance?
  3. Does the company offer application support and technical phone support before and after product installation?
  4. How sustainable is the product? Ask the company to provide details on energy and water consumption as well as the recycle ability of the product.
  5. If the product is discontinued, for how many years does the company provide accessories and parts for the washer?
  6. Finally, ask about the cost of the purchase—not just the price of the product being installed but the total cost of ownership, which includes price, service expectations, warranty, etc.

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Product of Interest

Start Simply. New, robust, high-value microplate reader and washer designed to deliver research-grade result to any laboratory.

Molecular Devices – Running ELISAs and protein quantification is simpler than ever. Start with the compact, quiet, user-friendly MultiWash™+ Microplate Washer, which includes 20 pre-set protocols, works with both 96- and 384-well plates and comes with 4 different wash/rinse bottles for out-of-the-box use. Then set up the EMax® Plus Microplate Reader in seconds with pre-defined protocols to run your samples. With walk-up usability, a small footprint, and SoftMax® Pro Software for data analysis, it’s simply a great fit for any lab.

Download product datasheets here


Why Is Everybody Talking About ZSC-1 ULT Tabletop/Undercounter Freezers?

Where there is innovative research using DNA and/or RNA specimens, long term storage of such material can be extremely costly and energy consuming, especially if the storage requires the use of freezers. Many security & tips are designed on these models to support researchers. Efficient and effective use of a unique cascade compressor system with CFC-free natural gas. Safest environment for your samples due to temperature and power alarms, standard dry contacts. 
  • Lowest power consumption
  • World's lowest noise level
  • Best energy efficiency, lowest heat and C02 rejection with fastest pull down and recovery
  • Patented perfect sealing
  • Innovative refrigeration

Visit the Z-SC1 website the learn more about their ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE FREEZERS

Help your Colleagues

Labconco FlaskScrubber Glassware Washer- 115V Steam Scrubber
Do we have to use detergent with the steam scrubber? Advise this member.

Hotpack Under Counter Glassware Washer Problem
I am getting a F4 error message! Please explain.

Miele PG 8527/PG 8528 Question
What is the cost of running a full cycle for a Miele PG 8528 e.g. kw/h and litres? Share your knowledge.

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Have a Question?

Company News Hot Off The Press

INTEGRA Liquid Handler Improves Genetic Replication & Screening
The INTEGRA VIAFLO 96 is a handheld 96-channel electronic pipette that has struck a chord with scientists looking for fast, precise and easy simultaneous transfer of 96 samples from microplates without the cost of a fully automated system. The VIAFLO 96 was designed to handle just like a standard handheld pipette - a fact borne out by consistent end user feedback that no special skills or training are required to operate it. Read more.

Tecan unveils Fluent™ laboratory automation solutions
Fluent is a unique automation concept built around the application-specific needs of laboratories, delivering more capacity and greater speed. Initially focused on meeting the needs of cell biology workflows, Fluent is designed to offer end-to-end automation of cell-based and biochemical assay protocols, providing exceptional simplicity, productivity and confidence for the automation of experiments. Read more.

New Mass Spectral Library Designed to Streamline Environmental, Food Safety, Clinical Research and Forensic Toxicology Analyses
“This is a true library with full, high-resolution spectra for every compound it contains,” said Jennifer Massi, program manager, environmental and food safety for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “In fact, we ran multiple MS/MS spectra for each compound, and each was analyzed at multiple collision energies. This is designed to enhance method flexibility and confidence in results.” Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

Thank you Miele Professional for sponsoring the Glassware Washers category on LabWrench.

Miele Professional laboratory glassware washers eliminate the need for hand washing, which reduces glassware breakage, promotes reliability, validity and quality results. Miele washers outclean the competition with faster cycle times, less water consumption, quiet operation and more safety features. With more than 100 baskets and inserts to choose from, as well as a wide range of cleaning agents, Miele meets all of your cleaning requirements.
Designed, built and factory-tested to provide 10 to 15 years of service, Miele washers and accessories will provide your lab with reliable results every time.

Miele Professional – Forever better.

Visit the Miele Professional website to see their full line of laboratory glassware washers.

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Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Lancer 1400 LXP Freestanding Washer Dryer Question
Is it possible to add a conductivity monitor to a 1400 LXP that does not have one?  Share your knowledge

Miele G7804 Reservoir Questions
Is there are reservoir on the G7804 for RO or purified water storage and if so how big is it?   How fast must the purified water reservoir fill?    What is the average and worst case, high volume use of AD or purified water by this unit per complete wash cycle ?   Click here to answer.

Steris Reliance 400/500 Detergent Problem
My Steris Reliance 400 dishwasher gives me a warning that it is out of detergent when I attempt to run any cycles. What detergent do I need for this washer and how do I refill it? Help this member.

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