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May 31, 2016

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Peak Scientific - Installation & Warranty (incentive)

We know that registering any of your recently purchased products is not the first thing on your mind- but it is very important to both of us. Not all gas generator warranties are equal and what differentiates Peak from our competitors is that we offer a fully comprehensive on-site 12 month warranty.  Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

Wescor/Vapro 5520 - Calibration problem
Please, could someone help me with the calibration process? I'm trying to calibrate the osmometer but I do not get the values of the standard solution. I tried already to clean the machine, and when measuring the osmolality of the 100mmol/kg standard solution, I get a lower value (49mmol/kg) but zero for contamination level. Any idea? Advise this member.

New Brunswick Scientific/Innova - Fault in power supply
We have a 2 year old U535 Innova which suddenly stopped drawing power from the mains and ran on its internal battery until it was exshauted. There was no power failure in the building around that time. Has anyone encountered this sort of problem and have a potential fix? Advise this member.

Fisher Scientific/Marathon 3200 - Locked lid
College Education Environment - aquired a Marathon 3200 Centrifuge - Everything works great - but, cannot open the lid; cannot find a release of latch access... I can hear the latch engage when button is pushed; but, lid will not lift. any suggestions? Also, cannot find a manual for this old centrifuge - does anyone know where a PDF of this manual can be found? Advise this member.

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Product of Interest

Aseptic Enclosures 50x32PP Compounding Aseptic Glove Box Isolator (CAI)

This glove box isolator specifically designed for Aseptic preparations, and USP 797 compliant Hospital Pharmacy compounding pharmaceutical ingredients or preparations. It will maintain an aseptic environment within the isolator throughout the compounding and material transfer processes. Typically, our isolators run at ISO CLASS 4/ASTM CLASS10 during working conditions. 2-Glove, 2 chamber, CAI/Glovebox (One, 2-glove working chamber with one transfer chamber on right) This is our base model. If you don’t have enough room to fit the XLTC, or budget simply won’t allow, then this model should be the next choice.

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Thermo Scientific NESLAB ThermoFlex™ 900 Chiller *30 day Return Policy for DOA

Asking Price: $1650.00 USD

These reliable, easy-to-use chillers are optimized for the most demanding applications. They feature a robust refrigeration system designed for continuous use in a variety of environments. The recirculation system incorporates highly reliable plumbing design to eliminate leaks and improve performance. Integrated air and fluid filters minimize wear to mechanical parts, which lowers lifetime maintenance costs and improves system reliability. 

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Key Pieces of Industrial Furniture for a Lab Setting

There are many types of industrial furniture that can make great additions to any workspace or lab. A full range of industrial fixtures and appliances are beneficial in creating an efficient and well-equipped environment. Staff members will love having a variety of commercial furniture in their labs.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

Liquid Waste Disposal Best Practices Poster
Dealing with biological liquid waste often carries high risks and requires significant user knowledge. To help address this important area - INTEGRA has produced an informative and illustrated "Best Practices" poster providing expert advice in biological liquid waste disposal. Read more.

Micromeritics extends the application utility of their 3Flex Surface Characterization Family of Product with the addition of the new TCD option
Micromeritics Instrument Corp. announced today the addition of an optional TCD (thermal conductivity detector) to their 3Flex Surface Characterization Family of products. This new option extends the ability of the scientist to gain greater understanding of catalyst and catalytic behavior to improve product performance and catalytic efficiencies. Read more.

High Quality Products for Exosome Research
AMSBIO has introduced a wide selection of new high quality products for exosome research. Formulated to be quick, affordable and easy to use, AMSBIO's new expanded suite of quantification kits, isolation tools, standards, DNA & RNA extraction kits, antibodies and cell culture reagents will facilitate your understanding of exosomes using a wide variety of samples. Read more.

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Thank you to HEMCO for sponsoring the Fume Hoods category on LabWrench

HEMCO is the leading manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment serving the Sciences and R&D Technology Industries since 1958. HEMCO's modern manufacturing and distribution facilities combined with their many years of experience uniquely qualifies them to provide laboratory planning solutions. Their extensive engineering, design and manufacturing expertise can transform your laboratory ideas into reality.

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Adeno-Associated Viral Titer in minutes, using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)

Tues. June 7, 2016
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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

Hewlett Packard/1090 - EF00 Booster Pulse Signal Missing
I need help with this issue. The chip is fine on the high pressure pump as i have tested it on 3 other hplc 1090 machines. What else could the problem be? Advise this member.

JEOL/JSM-6701F - Image technique
I am a beginner in FESEM and I am using JEOL JSM-6701F. I am allowed to operate it at 10 KV. Will any body guide me about guide me to take high quality images while working in this constraint? Advise this member.

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