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May 17, 2016

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Litesizer™ 500 Particle Analyzer

Litesizer 500 of Anton Paar analyzes nano- and microparticles by measuring dynamic, electrophoretic and static light scattering.  You can set up your experiments in just a few seconds, and create the analyses and reports you need at the single touch of a button. Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

Thermo Scientific/Forma™ Series II 3110 - Will not drain
Jacket drain seems to be clogged or otherwise malfunctioning as the hose barb works on other incubators. Any advice on how to proceed? Advise this member.

Agilent Technologies/Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector - Difference in calibration result
I calibrated an SCD-GC with a 1 ppmW total sulfur in Helium matrix balance but noticed wide difference in the result of a known certified standard (1 ppmW total sulfur in methane matrix)when analyzed on the SCD-GC.  Advise this member.

GE Healthcare/Amersham Ultrospec 3100 - Language
I have a 3100 UV VIS and I cannot change the language from German to English. Does anyone have an idea? Advise this member.

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Product of Interest

Rigaku XtaLAB Synergy

  • Higher source flux and increased goniometer speed to allow quicker, more agile experiments
  • Unique telescopic two-theta arm to reach both longer and shorter crystal-to-detector distances
  • Enhanced kappa goniometer design with symmetrical 2? positioning
  • New high-flux source with longer life X-ray tubes
  • Improved X-ray optic alignment mechanism for easy maintenance
  • Widest range of detectors available - HPC or CCD
  • User-inspired cabinet design for improved workflow
  • New electronically controlled brightness of cabinet and crystal lighting

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Asking Price: $12,000.00 USD

Boiler was working when it was removed 3 weeks ago. The following is included: Autoclave, Amsco Powerpack Electric Steam Boiler, Amsco Rolling Rack. 

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How to Choose the Right Laminar Air Flow Hood

If you work in a laboratory, then you know how important it is to maintain an aseptic environment. Whether you’re using a wire loop or a pipette, it’s imperative to contain the infectious materials that are produced by many microbiological procedures.

Laminar air flow is defined as air moving at the same speed and in the same direction, with no or minimal cross-over of air streams (or “lamina”). Most laboratories that are sensitive to contamination require laminar flow hoods because it moves particles in the same direction- from the cleanest area from under the hood to the exit area. This particular design provides the cleanest, most germ free laboratory environment possible.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

A & D Weighing Introduces the New EK-EP Series of Intrinsically Safe Compact Balances.
A & D Weighing announces the launch of the EK-EP Series Intrinsically Safe Compact Balances. Three models have capacities of 300 g, 3000 g and 12 kg. They are FM (Factory Mutual) approved for both US and Canada for Zone 0 or Division 1 atmospheres where vapors are constantly present and could be accidently ignited. Read more.

OMNIS – Metrohm makes titration faster, safer, and easier
Metrohm is proud to announce OMNIS, its new platform for wet chemical analysis. With OMNIS, the market leader in titration addresses the needs of small and large laboratories alike: The new titration platform is modular and can be expanded from a stand-alone titrator to a powerful system that includes automation. Read more.

Secure Post-Analytical Sealing of Sample Collection Tubes
Micronic has launched the Novitain™ Post-Analytical Capping Solution for the secure sealing of sample collection tubes after analytical tests have been conducted. The offer includes the Capcluster-50, 50-well format Storage Rack and Manual Capper CV750. Read more.

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TGP has two manufacturing facilities, which allows them to maintain a broad inventory of labware, flat stock, rod and tubing. These items are all supported by the finest engineers, machinists and glass blowers in the industry. Therefore, they can strategically satisfy their customers’ requirements.

TGP also excels in technical product assistance of all types including design, temperature ranges and purity level qualifications. Because of their state-of-the-art equipment and methods, they are capable of achieving the industry’s most stringent standards and tolerances. TGP products are always fully guaranteed for workmanship and quality.

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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

Precision Scientific/Model 6 - Setting temperature
Our incubator temperature is at 39.0 C and I need to lower it to 37.5 C. How do I adjust? Advise this member.

TA Instruments/Q600 - DSC heat flow calibration
After going though the manual, I have calibrated DSC heat flow and calculated cell constant. The value of cell constant is 0.52. I have used zinc to calculate the cell constant and theoretical value of heat of fusion is around 112 J/g ( ). I am confused about the value of cell constant as its value is generally closed to. 1. Can anybody suggest me something to crosscheck the value? Advise this member.

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