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November 10, 2015

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ZEISS Smartzoom 5: Ringlight Glare Removal

Smartzoom 5 is your smart digital microscope - ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry.  Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

Sorvall/RC-5B - Rotor overheating
Recently, one of our Sorvall RC-5B users did a 2-hour run at 15k RPMs that resulted in the GSA rotor getting so hot the plastic sample bottles melted. (The load was balanced, refrigeration was not used.) The next day I did a 1-hour run at 5,000 RPMs with an empty SS-34 rotor. It was slightly warm. The motor and spindle assembly wasn't hot, so I'm ruling out bad bearings. I've never seen this before. Did they simply run it too fast for too long? Any insights would be appreciated, Advise this member.

Milton Roy/Spectronic 20D+ - QA Coordinator
I have a Milton Roy Spectronic 20D and I was wondering how often do I need to replace the lamp? Is it after a certain amount of hours of use? Advise this member.

Sorvall/RC-5B - Rotor detachment
We have twice now had an aluminium SS34 rotor come detached from the spindle during the increase to speed and it writes off the rotor. Both times the user was certain they put it on correctly and they have all been trained. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Advise this member.

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Tcoag AMAX Destiny OPT (Plus) Coagulation Blood Analyzer

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Brookfield Engineering RST Plus Controlled Stress Rheometer

Rheological evaluation through controlled stress measurement offers superior viscosity profiling, thixotropic response, yield stress determination and creep analysis. The Brookfield RST Rheometer offers both controlled rate and controlled stress measurement. Available with cone/plate, plate/plate, or coaxial cylinder measurement geometry, the RST Rheometer offers powerful flow characterization tools including ramp, loop, and single point testing. A wide range of shear rate, shear stress, and torque provide flexible flow analysis including creep and yield measurement. The RST Rheometer is designed to accommodate the high throughput required of quality control laboratories. It also offers the sophisticated flexibility required of research environments. The RST Rheometer provides cost effective, worry free operation for a variety of laboratory applications.

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Sonicators: How these agitating lab instruments work

Energy comes in many forms. One of those is sound energy, which manifests as vibration. For example, we can hear a loud noise because receptor cells in our ears translate vibrations from sound energy into brain-bound electrical signals. Most sound waves lie outside our range of “hearing,” but produce energy nonetheless. In labs, this ultrasonic energy is used to agitate particles for the purpose of cleaning, mixing solutions, increasing dissolution rate, or to evaporate dissolved gasses from liquids.

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Quad Technologies Launches Fully Releasable Cell Separation Solution for Enhanced Cell Purity and Viability Following Successful Investment Round
The most promising areas of translational medical research, including CAR-T cancer therapies and stem cell-based regenerative medicine, require the isolation and purification of large numbers of viable, functional cells. There is growing demand from researchers and clinicians for technologies that provide high viability, enhanced efficiency and scalability to optimize conventional cell separation techniques. Read more.

Horizon Discovery introduces Cell Free DNA HDx Reference Standards
Horizon Discovery Group plc (LSE:HZD) (Horizon), the international life science company supplying research tools and services to organizations engaged in genomics research and the development of personalized medicines, announces the introduction of its cell free DNA (cfDNA) HDx™ Reference Standards. Read more.

Parallel Evaporation in Heating Blocks
Many chemists in laboratories worldwide use DrySyn heating blocks to perform syntheses in parallel in flasks, tubes and vials. Combining this proven high performance labware with patented spiral plug evaporation technology from Biochromato - the DrySyn Spiral Evaporator offers fast and effective parallel evaporation in tubes without solvent bumping.  Read more.

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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

Siemens Water Technologies/Ultra Clear RO/EDI - Prefiltration and conditioning modules
What is the life of the pretreatment and conditioning modules? We use the unit in an educational setting, so we can run through a couple tanks one day and then not need more for a week or longer. The sales rep recommended 3-4 months for pretreatment and 6 months for conditioning, but how many hours are they assuming are used each month? Advise this member.

Thermo Scientific/Avatar 360 FTIR - Newer Windows install
I have installed the Thermo Nicolet FT-IR 360 on a new system (Windows 7, 32 bit). The software has installed correctly, and I have performed all the necessary start up procedures according to the Install Wizard. However, the software still does not recognize the machine. Both the power and scan lights are active and lighting up. The software is OMNIC version 6.2. Looking for any information that could solve this problem. Advise this member.

Beckman Coulter/DTX 800/880 Series - Error code 21
I have an error code of Device code 21: Brightness below detection limits. What do I need to change to fix this? Advise this member.

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