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June 02, 2014

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Top 6 Questions That You Should Ask When Buying a CO2 Incubator

  1. What measures have been taken in the design to avoid contamination and what features are included to remove (sterilize versus decon) contamination?
  2. How does the CO2 sensor contribute to optimal cell growth?
  3. How does the humidity contribute to optimal cell growth?
  4. Ask for the uniformity and accuracy data versus asking for a water jacket or air jacket.
  5. Do you need O2 control to simulate the environment for your experiment accurately?
  6. Calculate the total cost of ownership on the product over one year including product price, install, regular cleaning labor, material like HEPA filter, etc.

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Product of Interest

ANOVA Water Bath Systems

ANOVA water bath systems are designed for sample warming, digestion, material prep, and a wide range of laboratory applications from ambient+10°C to 99°C. Front-mounted controls simplify operation & over-temperature safety circuitry prevents thermal runaway.

  • Control temperature from ambient +10°C to 99°C
  • Digital thermometer readout & temperature control
  • Accepts wide variety of racks, bottles & media bags
  • Stainless steel tank construction
  • Adjustable over temperature safety switch
Read more about the ANOVA Water Bath Systems by visiting the ANOVA webpage.


Chemyx Classic syringe pumps

Chemyx Classic syringe pumps are low cost and easy-to-use high precision dosing pumps designed for operation in laboratory environments. All our syringe pumps contain LCDs which display a "windows" like menu for easy operation and information display.

Fusion Classic Syringe Pumps Scalable syringe pumps for delivering exceptional quality and long-term value.

  • Low cost
  • LCD user Interface
  • Small foot print and quiet operation
  • RS232 computer control standard
  • High durability - Chemyx uses metal holders

Visit the Chemyx website to learn more about their Lab Pump offerings.

Help your Colleagues

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

NuAire IR AutoFlow 8000 Series
How do you put water in water jacket. It is showing low water indicator. Help this member.

Thermo Scientific Heracell 150i Temperature Control
We have several units, which are not able to reach 37C. Is that something general? Also when you open the door the unit needs a long time to get back close to 37C. Advise this member.

Thermo Scientific Heracell 240i
I have a 240i Heracell.  The AutoStar function is blocked, it does not allow ContraCon.  Humidity sensors and door work but also is blocked, does not allow decontamination process. How can I solve this?

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Company News Hot Off The Press

New Multilayer Flask Enhances Cell Culture Production
Porvair Sciences has announced a new 5-layer cell culture flask developed to fulfil the need of the growing number of applications that require large numbers of cells. The new 5-layer cell culture flasks provide easy pipette access for direct addition of reagents and cells as well as efficient recovery of valuable cells and reagents thereby reducing the risk of contamination due to pouring. Read more.

Hamilton Launches Compact BiOS Automated SystemsThat Store 100K to More Than 1MM Samples
Hamilton Storage Technologies introduced Hamilton BiOS® M and L, two Image removed by sender. BiOS Mcompact, high-density automated systems designed to fit into existing laboratories that require ultra-low-temperature storage of sensitive biological samples. These flexible, energy-efficient and scalable systems ensure the viability of 100,000 to over one million long-term samples. Read more.

Precision Balance Ideal for Blending Ingredients
A versatile balance for biotech, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical applications requiring counting, summing, holding, and fully traceable results is being introduced by Alliance Scale, Inc.  Ideal for blending ingredients, it has a bright, backlit 2-line alphanumeric LCD and accommodates multiple weighing units including a user defined custom unit for proprietary applications. Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

NuAire Laboratory Equipment Supply
NuAire manufactures ergonomic scientific laboratory equipment providing personnel, product and/or environmental protection in critical research environments.

NuAire inspiration has provided life science, drug discovery, microbiology, animal vivarium, pharmacy compounding, and industrial laboratory professionals with scientific laboratory equipment including biological safety cabinets, laboratory incubators, animal research equipment and more.

Visit the NuAire Website to see their full line of Ergonomic Laboratory Equipment

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Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Thermo Scientific Forma Series II 3110
It's been acting funny for a few months, raising the CO2 to 22%, the temp just shutting off unexpectedly, then i came in and it was showing nothing on the display but "calibration." It wouldn't budge so I shut it off and then after 10 count turned back on. Everything lights up and the alarm screams- no button reacts so I'm forced to turn it off. Have tried repeatedly but this is all it does. It's not an old model so I'd like to fix it. Do you think its brains are scrambled and I need a new computer board? I will try to contact the company meantime but hoped someone out there could point me to an easy solution.
Help this member.

Panasonic CO2 MCO-175M
I have a problem with setting +39C in my incubator. I need to increase temperature to +39C, but every time when the temperature in the incubator is over 37.5C the alarm is on. Is there any possibility to change the upper limit alarm to 40C? I could not find the information in the user's manual. Share your knowledge.

I have a CB 150, serial number 01-28848.  It was recently serviced - we replaced a CO2 sensor - but now the n2 value exceeds the set value (it just shoots up). The valve was replaced as well but the value still exceeds set value. I am now suspecting the sensor but think its going to be expensive replacing it (already spent a fortune replacing the CO2 one).  Is there a way of cleaning the sensor? or fixing it?  Respond to this member.

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