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May 24, 2016

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Peak Scientific - Peak Protected

When you invest in a Peak Scientific gas generator you buy more than just a product, the initial purchase is just the start of a lasting relationship with Peak. Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

ZEISS/Axio Scope.A1 - Stage settings
We have an Axio with an automated stage, this function works but when we try to move the stage with the manual handle it will move horizontally but when trying to move it vertically it move diagonally. Any suggestions as to how to re-align/fix it? Advise this member.

Partec/CyFlow® Cube 6 - Counting procedure
I need a true volumetric counting method for cd34 on cyflow cube6. Advise this member.

Thermo Scientific/iCE 3000 Series - Sample recovery not there
I’m using Thermo ice 3000 to analyse Sodium and potassium. Sodium is fine but potassium sample absorption is always on the lower side although before this it was fine too. using acetylene air mixture and cesium chloride as reagent. Standard is fine, recovery for standard is fine. Just sample is low. It is a validated sample concentration. The lamp hours about 2000 plus. Please advise. Advise this member.

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Quick Volume Adjustment Manual Pipettes

Unlike traditional pipettes which utilize a single rotating plunger to set volumes, the new EVOLVE manual pipette range from INTEGRA features a revolutionary approach that allows users to set volumes more than ten times faster. Available in single, eight and twelve channel formats, covering a volume range of 0.2 – 5,000 µl, the ultra-lightweight, well balanced design of the EVOLVE enhances productivity and comfort even during prolonged pipetting sessions.

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 Boekel 260700 Mini Incubator 7.5" x 6.5" x 6" H   

Asking Price: $179.99 USD

The Boekel 260700 mini incubator is perfect for the laboratory looking for an economical means for incubating. Includes a flat digitemp strip on the bottom of the chamber.

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Two Leading Decontamination Methods: UV-C vs. HPV

Controlling microbial contamination is one of the leading concerns in research, clinical, and medical facilities. Microorganisms (hazardous or not) can put personnel, patients and caregivers at risk. In hospital and medical facilities, patients are often immuno-compromised or have serious conditions that make them particularly susceptible to opportunistic microbes or secondary infections.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

Microscope Stage Extension Wings
Mounting accessories close to your stage facilitates the precise sample positioning required to create the optimal experimental set up for the application under study. The breadboard format of these wings (M6 tapped holes with 25 mm spacing) allows the easy mounting of a wide range of accessories, further increasing the versatility of the best selling H117 inverted microscope stage. Read more.

Distek, Inc. Releases BIOne Single-Use Bioreactor System
Distek, Inc. has developed a benchtop scale single-use bioreactor (SUB) system for mammalian cell growth and recombinant protein production. The pre-sterilized BIOne system is engineered with a disposable headplate welded to a tri-layer liner that can be easily inserted into a non-sterile bioreactor glass vessel, converting it to a sterile, disposable SUB within a matter of seconds with minimal investment. Read more.

Hosokawa Weighing and Filling Systems Webinar
Filling & Weighing Systems allow manufacturers to dispense dusty, hazardous materials during pack-off in a controlled and hygienic manner. On Wednesday, June 15th at 2:00 PM (EST), Hosokawa will host an educational webinar on the available filling and weighing system designs from Hosokawa that are designed to maintain the highest standards of containment, hygiene and product integrity. Read more.

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Silicone oil-induced protein aggregation and immunogenicity

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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

Atago/Digital Refractometers - Display problem
I have one RX 5000 Refractometer. When I switch on the instrument, the display does not show anything. Can someone help? Advise this member.

Dionex/Chromeleon 7.1 - Integration of peaks
Is there a way to fix the integration area for certain sequence of run? I have a problem with the tail as well. right now, what i do is basically common sense, i assume the start of the curve but its difficult to tell where it ends because of the tail. Advise this member.

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