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June 29, 2015

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INSIGHTS on Centrifuges

Centrifuges work on the principle of sedimentation facilitated by an apparent angular force that draws components of a rotating sample away from the center of rotation. Although centrifugation theory is straightforward, its engineering literature is voluminous due to the number of industries and research operations that depend on the operation.

Purchasing and Caring for a Lab Essential

What’s important here is that centrifugation efficiency is proportional to the spinning radius and to the square of the angular velocity (radians per second, generally referred to as speed in revolutions per minute, rpm).

Thus, for a given rpm value a centrifuge with a 12-inch radius will be twice as efficient as one with a six-inch radius, and for a constant radius a device spinning at 1,000 rpm is four times as effective as one rotating at 500 rpm.

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Product of Interest

Thermo Scientific mySPIN™ Mini Centrifuge Series

Bring increased efficiency and user comfort to your lab with Thermo Scientific™ mySPIN™ 12 and 6 mini centrifuges. Tool-free rotors and quick-spin options make them fast and easy to use. Benefit from a compact footprint that fits into your workstation and ergnonomic design that stands out. Ideal for microfilter cell separation and HPLC protocols, with the mySPIN 12 centrifuge also supporting PCR, as well as clinical and diagnostic applications.

Read more about the mySPIN™ Mini Centrifuge Series on the Thermo Scientific website.

TA Instruments Affinity ITC and ITC Auto

The Affinity ITC and ITC Auto are designed for the most challenging life science laboratory environments that require high sensitivity, high productivity and the most advanced ITC technologies. The Affinity ITC brings advanced engineering to all critical aspects of the measurement ensuring the highest quality ITC data.

Visit the TA Instruments website the learn more about the Affinity ITC and ITC Auto


Help your Colleagues

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Varian SpectrAA 220FS - Error Message
I can't find an answer to this anywhere. Any help is appreciated. I have a Varian SpectrAA 220fs and am running a graphite furnace on it. It will run my samples but stop short of finishing them and give me an error message that reads "low source energy". Any idea what this means? Advise this member.

PerkinElmer EnVision - Communication issue
I have an EnVision 2101 that I am trying to connect to a new install of the Wallac software. For some reason the software does not see the system. Are there specific CAN settings for these units that I need to change for the software to see the unit? Advise this member.

Stirling Ultracold SU780UE - Ultra Cold Helium Engine
Seems that Stirling Ultra Cold has cornered the internet with all of their tests. Unfortunately I can't seem to find anywhere and/or a factory that could tell me what it would cost if the helium engine failed and needed to be replaced. Does anyone have information about that? Advise this member.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

High Performance UHPLC System Gets More Out of Every Sample
A new ultra high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system delivers exceptional performance and reliable separations with the flexibility required for labs developing methods ranging from high-throughput analyses to pharmaceutical quality control applications. Read more.


Shimadzu’s Smart Database Series Simplifies GC-MS/MS Method Development
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments today announces the release of its new GCMS Smart Database Series. The series is comprised of separate databases for analyzing pesticides, forensic toxicological substances, metabolites and environmental pollutants.  Read more.


Laboratory Balances of the Cubis® Range Meet the Requirements of the White Pharmaceutical Industry for Cleanability
For more than 140 years Sartorius, now Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, has been providing high-quality laboratory and production technologies. One of its core competencies is the production of laboratory balances developed to be process-oriented.  Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

With over 20 years of environmental test chamber experience, we take pride in our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. Our experience and solutions have been utilized in various industries including the following:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics - Government Agencies
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical

ULT Services provides the highest quality environmental test chamber solutions, maintenance, and consulting.

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Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 Series - Error on 3300
Can anyone tell me what might cause an error MD 1049 (The furnace flow cooling is too low) This problem appears sometimes during each analysis. The flow rate of cooling water is 0.8 - 1.0 L/min. Advise this member.

Spectro SPECTROMAXx - Reg LMX 06
How do we remove the top cover, since there is Arogen leakage inside the machine, which is not possible to locate the exact position. Please help us. Advise this member.

Varian CP-3800 - Firmware upgrade
Recently I installed CP3800 and trying to connect it to Galaxy, when I established the connection it showed me the below error message: "Error in setup data incoming from GC: Invalid protocol version(got v4, waiting v6) How can I upgrade the firmware? Advise this member.

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