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July 06, 2015

Product Resources

Versatile Crosslinker Covers Multiple Applications

Spectroline’s easy-to-use Spectrolinker XL-1000 UV crosslinker provides enhanced accuracy, making it a versatile instrument for the biotech researcher. It is suited for many applications including: elimination of PCR contamination, crosslinking of DNA and RNA, nicking ethidium-bromide-stained DNA, gene mapping, RecA mutation screening and testing, UV sterilization, UV-induced polymerization, UV intensity monitoring and many other UV-dosage applications. The crosslinker features a smart microprocessor controller and true UV-monitoring circuitry, which allows users to obtain error-free results faster, safer and more accurately than previously possible.

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Product of Interest

Improving the Reproducibility of Serial Dilutions

Serial dilutions can be difficult to perform reproducibly due to the many mixing steps that are required. The INTEGRA VIAFLO ASSIST enables scientists of all pipetting skill levels to achieve better serial dilution results.

To use the VIAFLO ASSIST, simply mount a VIAFLO II electronic pipette onto the pipette adapter, define the number of mixing cycles, speed and mix volume, and press the run button. VIAFLO ASSIST will then obtain the protocol via Bluetooth from the VIAFLO II electronic pipette and automatically execute it.

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Support live cell assays with a gas controller, at no extra charge!

To celebrate the launch of the extraordinary new Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader, we're offering a CO2/O2 controller at no charge when you order a Synergy Neo2.

Synergy Neo2 is the most advanced, high-performance, high-speed multi-mode plate reader on the market today. Designed for speed and ultra high performance, Synergy Neo2 incorporates BioTek's patented Hybrid Technology™, with its independent optical paths that ensure uncompromised performance.

Offer valid on new orders for any Synergy Neo2 configuration placed between July 1, 2015 and October 2, 2015.



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Help your Colleagues

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Hewlett Packard 6890A - GPIB Communcation Issues
Looking for someone in Austin Tx area familiar with GPIB communications. We are having issues establishing communications with our Agilent 6890 GC. Advise this member.

Brookfield Engineering DV-II+ Pro - Reading zero viscosity
While conducting viscosity tests the unit suddenly stopped registering any viscosity. When I perform a test now, using same spindle and RPM as always, the unit reads 0 cp viscosity but I can see the spindle is turning. Any idea what is going on here? Advise this member.

Hach Company DR/2010 - Error message A/D error
I have Hach DR 2010. When I switch it on it shows error message A/D error, then changes to voltage error. Advise this member.

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Have a Question?

Company News Hot Off The Press

Electrochemical Instruments Market by Product, by Technology, by End User - Analysis & Global Forecast to 2019
Over the years, electrochemical instruments have become an integral part of research laboratories across the globe and are routinely employed to monitor processes in biotechnology and pharmaceutical, environmental testing, agriculture and food and academic institutions.  Read more.


Microspot Thin Film Thickness Measurements by Transmission and Reflectance Microspectroscopy
CRAIC Technologies, a leading innovator of UV-visible-NIR microanalysis solutions, is proud to introduce CRAIC FilmPro™ film thickness measurement software. This software package is designed to plug-in to CRAIC Technology’s microspectrophotometers and their controlling Lambdafire™ software.   Read more.


Fast liquid transfer down to picoliter levels with Tecan’s D300e
Tecan has introduced the D300e Digital Dispenser* for applications that need faster, reliable dispensing down to picoliter volumes. This innovative, simple-to-use device is ideal for the creation of assay plates, and can cut set-up times from hours or days to just minutes.  Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

Thank you LECO Corporation for sponsoring the Elemental Analyzers category on LabWrench

For more than 75 years, industries around the world have trusted LECO to deliver advanced solutions for analytical analysis. Instrumentation includes elemental determinators; glow discharge spectrometers; metallographic sample preparation equipment; and optical equipment.

LECO’s newest elemental analyzers for metal and inorganic analysis feature exclusive software with touch-screen interface for intuitive instrument control. A family-owned company, LECO designs and manufactures most instrument components at its world headquarters in St. Joseph, Michigan, and products are backed by exceptional service and support long after the sale is complete.

Visit the LECO Corporation website to see their full line of Elemental Analyzer products.

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The particle size distribution of spices

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Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

CEM Corporation CEM Labwave9000 - Smart System 5 Cem microwave solids tester
I Have a question about this unit that we have been using for years. It seems like we are getting varied results from same samples. Our solids usual run approx 17.5% and I have seen them vary as much as 2 % from the same sample. Is it possible the balance needs cleaning? It has been a couple of years since it has been service. Advise this member.

Bio-Rad T100 - Black Screen
I was running a normal program but when I checked on the cycler the screen was all white. I turned it off, let everything cool and turned it back on and now the screen turns white and then black. Is there a way to manually reset? Advise this member.

Milton Roy Spectronic 1001 PLUS - Initializing
We have a Spectronic 1001 Plus and just today it stopped going from Initial to initializing step. I would appreciate if any one has any thoughts? Advise this member.

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