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August 24, 2015

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5 Steps to Unleash Innovation & Improve Work Culture

Getting your people to contribute more to your organization while simultaneously establishing stronger talent retention must cost a pretty penny, right? Not really, says corporate coach Maxine Attong.

“You don’t necessarily need to add expensive new ingredients to the stew, you just have to know how to use your ingredients better,” she says. “A talented chef – or in this case, corporate or organizational leader – knows how to let an ingredient speak for itself, perhaps with just a touch of seasoning, or guidance.”

What is the guidance – competition or incentives such as bonuses? Not exactly.

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Silver colloids and invisible ink

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Help your Colleagues

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

PerkinElmer TotalChrom - IRIS software
When I tried to open the file from IRIS the following message error appeared "this chromatogram cannot be opened. The analytical and reference wavelength of 303 and 360 are inconsistent with the lamp being used (working range 400-700nm)". The system is HPLC series 200 PerkinElmer. Please help! Advise this member.

Hach Company DR 2800 - Touch screen calibration
I would like to learn how to calibrate touch screen for HACH company DR2800 analyzer. Advise this member.

Siemens Water Technologies ADVIA 2120i - UFC blocked
I am getting frequently blood clots and blocked UFC lines. Is there any way to enhance performance? Advise this member.

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Product of Interest

VirTis AdVantage Pro Freeze Dryer

The AdVantage Pro freeze dryer with Intellitronics™ Controller now offers users the benefit of Ethernet communication and email options. Monitor your cycle from anywhere you receive email! Get the convenience of a tray dryer in a benchtop unit.

  • Convenience of a tray dryer in a benchtop unit.
  • Intellitronics™ controller with a full-color, touch-screen display.
  • Available with up to three (3) usable product drying shelves.
  • Optional pneumatic stoppering system available to stopper vials.
  • Six-liter ice condensing capacity
Read more about the AdVantage Pro Freeze Dryer on the SP Scientific website.

BrandTech Scientific BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems for Cell Culture

The NEW BVC family of fluid aspiration systems deliver compact and quiet solutions for cell culture work. They provide the flexibility to accommodate your decontamination protocol whether you autoclave or disinfect in the bottle.

  • Reliable
  • Power & Control
  • Robust
  • Safe
  • Carefree

Visit the BrandTech Scientific website the learn more about the BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems


Featured Video



XS Analytical Balance 1 — SmartGrid Weighing Pan

SmartGrid, the grid weighing pan, speeds up your weighing process. The grid structure minimizes the area which air turbulence in the weighing chamber can act on -- to maximum effect: shorter settling times, stabilization times, faster results. Watch the video here.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

Grenova TipNovus Benchtop Available Now
As the number of samples processed in labs using high-throughput processes has increased, there has been a corresponding rise in the level of waste, such that in 2010, four million pounds of plastic pipet tips were disposed of after just one use. If all these pipet tips were to be lined up end-to- end, the distance would circle the earth six times. This has led to significant environmental pollution. Read more.

Smooth Operator – the New Eppendorf Micromanipulator TransferMan® 4m for Successful Cell Manipulation in IVF
With its intuitive and innovative operation concept the TransferMan® 4m allows for unprecedented movement control. Advanced features like its unique DualSpeed™ joystick and smart functions help to speed up and facilitate the handling of sensitive samples. The TransferMan® 4m therefore helps minimize exposure of sensitive cells to trauma or adverse conditions like room temperature or removal from CO2 atmosphere. Read more.

Precise Controlled Cooling of Biological Samples
ChilliBlocks can be used directly in conjunction with an ice bath keeping your samples in microplates, vials and Eppendorf tubes cool and dry. For precise temperature controlled experiments – ChilliBlocks should be used with our cooling/heating base unit. The ChilliBlock base unit attaches to most laboratory cooling / heating circulators enabling precise, stable and even temperature control of biological samples from -30°C to +160°C.  Read more.

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 Adam Equipment develops all its products with users in mind. From the moment of inception to final production, Adam seeks to create intuitive balances and scales that are easy to operate and that offer smart, useful features to help boost efficiency and productivity.

Working closely with sales and marketing professionals and our distribution partners, our research and development team strives to create products that meet the numerous needs of our customer's various applications.

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Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Sartorius CERTOMAT MO II - Replacement
I am looking for replacement for this shaker. I need the electronic schem of the internal controller in order to replace broken components. Advise this member.

PerkinElmer Chromera - Issues
S200 EP Diode Array Detector is not being detected on Chromera. Any suggestions? Advise this member.

Jouan CR312 centrifuge - Temperature calibration
Have a Jouan CR312 that undershoots the set temp. Does anyone know of any calibration points for this centrifuge? Or, what the problem could be? Would be great if I could locate a schematic.  Advise this member.

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