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September 08, 2015

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Life in the lab: Tips to ensure your PhD benefits from PHD 

We’ve become accustomed to the ever-changing technological world around us. We expect nothing less than the best power and performance. It’s a symptom of our times. I mean waiting for the internet to load a website is so 90’s right? Today we want it now and it better be good. So why should you settle for anything less in the lab? After all, quick turnaround times and high quality water are directly proportional to your experimental success.

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Product of Interest

Sotax Corporation Xtend™ Dissolution Line

The ability to flexibly respond to permanent change in today’s fast-paced pharmaceutical environment can make the difference between success and failure. Fast time-to-market requirements, outsourcing, relocations, shift of manufacturing capacities and short return on investment considerations ask for equally flexible testing solutions in R&D and QC laboratories. The fully scalable and modular Xtend™ concept is 100% based on this basic premise and allows you to tailor dissolution testing to both your current and future needs – making your investment future-proof.

Read more about the Xtend™ Dissolution Line on the Sotax website.




Berthold Technologies DuoSeries LB 470

DuoSeries LB 470 is the radiometric level system from Berthold based on real 2 wire technology succeeding our top-selling level transmitter LB 440. Like its predecessor model, the measuring system DuoSeries stands out by a particularly excellent performance with high accuracy and repeatability of level. Due to its outstanding performance the DuoSeries is the preferred choice when processes are demanding and 2-wire based control room technology is required.

The DuoSeries measuring system consists of a scintillation detector – CrystalSENS point detector or UniSENS rod detector – and a sophisticated transmitter unit for display and operation.

Visit the Berthold Technologies website the learn more about the DuoSeries LB 470.


Featured Video



Science with SCIEX #7: QTRAP technology, redefined Quant/Qual in a single experiment 

Check out the interview with James W Hager, Fred P. Lossing award winner for distinguished contributions to Mass Spectrometry in Canada for work related to innovative QTRAP technology. Watch the video here.

Help your Colleagues

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Thermo Scientific Orion Star A214 - Calibration display screen
What would cause the final calibration display reading to have temperature numbers transposed on top of the millivolt numbers where you can't read them? Advise this member.

LECO Corporation SC-144DR - Quantitative analysis
How does the Leco software calculate the concentrations? In our calibration curve, the X axis is marked with "Intensity". Is it indeed intensity of the peaks that is used? Or is it a peak area? Advise this member.

Beckman Coulter AD 340C - Software
Can I use the Beckman Coulter AD340C Plate Reader without the software. If not, how do I get the software? Advise this member.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

New Next-Generation Sequencing Platform Simplifies Workflow to Enable Broad Adoption in Translational and Applied Research
Thermo Fisher Scientific today introduces two next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems designed to deliver a comprehensive solution that simplifies targeted sequencing. Built upon the proven capabilities of Ion Torrent technology, the new Ion S5 and Ion S5 XL benchtop systems provide scientists with rapid, cost-effective and flexible platforms that can be scaled for all research areas, including inherited disorders, infectious agents, microbial identification and translational cancer research.  Read more.

Bio-Rad Launches Droplet Digital™ PCR Supermix for Direct Quantification of Residual Host Cell DNA
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb) today announced the launch of the ddPCR™ Supermix for Residual DNA Quantification. When used with Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Systems, this supermix provides a highly precise and sensitive method for directly measuring host cell DNA (HCD) that contaminates biopharmaceutical products. Read more.

Lonza Launches Dedicated Hematopoietic and Immune Cells Knowledge Center
Lonza has launched its Hematopoietic and Immune Cells Knowledge Center, an online knowledge and education resource for scientists working in the field of hematopoietic research. The new portal has been specifically designed to help researchers stay up to date with this rapidly evolving area by providing concise but insightful summaries of important papers and by commenting on continued developments through bespoke review articles. Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

Thank you to Micromeritics for sponsoring the Particle Size Analyzers category on LabWrench


Micromeritics develops and manufactures a variety of scientific instruments and accessories for the Materials Science field. They produce in their facility a high portion of their components, e.g., surface-mount circuit boards, giving them invaluable control over quality. Micromeritics invest heavily _ 8 to 10% is typical _ in R&D. They train their assembly, service, and support personnel continually; they offer training courses and service contracts for their customers; and undertake, on occasion, custom instrument development. Fully knowledgeable personnel are available to offer guidance when after-sales support is required. Micromeritics is a certified ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer and all of their products are CE certified.

Visit the Micromeritics website

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In-line PSA streamlines
fuel filter testing

Wed. Sept. 16, 2015
10:30 - 11:30 AM 
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Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Qiagen QIAxpert System - Negative results
I received negative numbers (e.g. -4.2, -58.0) when using QIAxpert. I have been using it for High Sensitivity DNA samples, selecting A260 dsDNA. As well, when comparing to the Qubit 2.0 equipment the majority of results are different and negative quantities compared to Qubit reads. Any ideas? Advise this member.

Beckman Coulter ACL 100 - Disposal
I would like to know what options we have for recycling/disposing of an old ACL that is no longer in working condition. We are in Michigan.  Advise this member.

Precision Scientific BOD 815 - User Manual
We have a Low temp BOD incubator 815 model MFU20F3BW1 in our lab but we don't have the user manual any longer. We see one online for a newer model that's all digital but ours is the older model with knobs. We are not sure how to set the temperature. The temp screen on ours is shot and keeps jumping so we cannot tell what the knobs and buttons are doing. Can you provide a user manual for this particular model? Advise this member.

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