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September 28, 2015

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Tips to ensure your PhD benefits from PHD (Perfect Hydro Decontamination)

We’ve become accustomed to the ever-changing technological world around us. We expect nothing less than the best power and performance. It’s a symptom of our times. I mean waiting for the internet to load a website is so 90’s right? Today we want it now and it better be good. So why should you settle for anything less in the lab? After all, quick turnaround times and high quality water are directly proportional to your experimental success.

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Product of Interest

HORIBA LA-960 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

This latest evolution in the LA series advances scientific knowledge for tomorrow’s world through intuitive software, unique accessories, and high performance. The LA-960 continues HORIBA’s proud tradition of leading the industry with innovative design.

Visit the HORIBA site to learn more


OnePointe Solutions 100 SERIES: Airfoil Fume Hood

The EH-100 series airfoil-type fume hood features a 45-degree angle around the fascia and a flush-mount radiused airfoil across the bottom, which results in minimized turbulence and increased performance. Like the exterior of the hood, the airfoil is made from chemical-resistant, powder-coated, 16-gauge cold rolled steel. A stainless steel airfoil is available as an option.

Learn more on the OnePointe Solutions website


Featured Video



Discover a New Ultra-Fast Elemental Depth Profiling Technique

Plasma Profiling TOFMS (PP-TOFMS) provides elemental depth distribution for a wide range of materials in minutes. Learn more about this user-friendly technique that will save you time in the optimization of layer deposition process and fabrication method.  Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

Sartorius/Extend Series - Error 53
When the equipment is switched on, there is no display as normal function. You can see an indication of ERR 53. What is error 53 and how can I solve it to get my scale working again? Advise this member.

PerkinElmer/Pyris 1 TGA - Sample Temperature
When I set the linear ramp of temperature between 30-600°C, if the sample has a weight loss at about 450-500°C, the sample temperature (and also the temperature visualized on instrument display) does not follow the set temperature, and at about 500°C, goes down; but then the temperature rises up to 600°C. Is it a malfunction of the furnace or calibration loss? Advise this member.

Thermo Scientific/Sorvall Evolution - Rotor drive motor
The rotor drive motor is not spinning. When I spin the rotor by hand, it displays speed. The green light on the drive control just blinks. Any info? Advise this member.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

New Breakthrough PET/CT and PET/MRI Systems Change Performance Paradigm
Bruker today introduces four important new preclinical imaging systems at the World Molecular Imaging Congress 2015 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The novel products launched at WMIC each deliver improved performance and convenience for routine imaging, and open new horizons for advanced translational research, while Bruker’s platform philosophy facilitates multimodal imaging projects. Read more.

Thermo Scientific Smart-Tracker Wireless Temperature Recorder Brings Cold Chain Temperature Tracking To Mobile Devices
This easy-to-use, compact tracking device has been designed to solve a long-standing temperature monitoring challenge for the cold-chain industry. With temperature-sensitive samples transported by many different means, notably in trucks, airplanes and refrigerated containers of all kinds, it can become difficult to accurately track temperature conditions and access this information during transit.  Read more.

B&K Precision Offers New 300 kHz Bench LCR Meter at Exceptional Price Point
The 891 features an intuitive interface with a menu-driven keypad and a bright 4.3" color LCD, which displays both primary and secondary measurements along with all test signal parameters on one screen. The numeric keypad and cursor buttons let users quickly set test parameters. All sweep and bin sorting results can be easily displayed on a graph or table. Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

Thank you to Pro Scientific for sponsoring the Homogenizers category on LabWrench


PRO Scientific is a global leader in the manufacturing of homogenizers and mixing equipment, our high-shear homogenizers can process micro volumes up to multi-liters. Our innovative stainless steel Multi-Gen probes are the perfect solution for multi-sample processing. Simplify your sample prep with the DPS-20, automated dual processing mechanical / ultrasonic homogenizing system or our new Multi-Prep Rapid Multi-Sample Homogenizer. Programmable benchtop homogenizers are also available. PRO's Lab Plus Series line features Vortex Mixers, Nutating Mixers, programmable Orbital Shakers, Rockers and Hotplate Stirrers. Hettich centrifuges also available.

Visit the Pro Scientific website

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Unanswered Questions

IEC/Centra MP4 / MP4R - How can I repair
I already have a centrifuge MP4, but every time I set 10000 RPM, the velocity suddenly goes down up to 9500 RPM, then goes to 10000 RPM again. I think the centrifuge is damaged. How can I repair? Does it need a new motor?  Advise this member.

Dionex/ASE 200 - Pressure calibration
We're having an issue with the pressure calibrations on our ASE 200. We have the newer pressure transducer board and the air and nitrogen offsets and gains appear to be improperly set. The instrument reaches over 1000 psi during a rinse and overpressures at over 4000 psi during an extraction set for 1000 psi. Does anyone have any experience calibrating these things without paying a field technician? Advise this member.

Teledyne Isco/CombiFlash Companion - Ready mode
My Companion powers up but doesn't go into ready mode. I would appreciate any help.  Advise this member.

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