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October 13, 2015

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884 Professional VA for voltammetric trace analysis, polarography, and CVS

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Recently Asked Questions

Agilent Technologies/8453 - Error codes
When we start up our Agilent 8453 spectrophotometer, we get the following Event Codes in the handheld controller: "event code 1000, 7461" or the "event code: 3091, 803". I have searched for the meaning of them but have had no luck. Can somebody help me with that? Advise this member.

Beckman Coulter/Biomek FX - Liquid volumes not accounted for
My small company has pretty recently started using the Biomek FX and NX machines. We have noticed that it "eats" up a bunch of liquid. For example - we used to make 120mL of reagent for 12 ELISA plates when we were manually pipetting. With the FX (with the 96 channel head), we now make 140mL and there is not even close to 20mL of reagent left in the tray. I double checked the math and programming of my methods. We also noticed this problem with the span-8. It's not a big deal to make extra reagent, I'm just curious as to whether or not this is normal and why it happens. Advise this member.

PerkinElmer/Optima 8x00 - Plasma
Plasma will not stay lit and the correlation curve is less than three 9's. Advise this member.

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Hoefer Scientific PS 500X DC Power Supply #11 From Labb Surplus

 Asking Price: $248.98


Unit Powers Up & Appears Function Properly
No further testing done
Came from working environment
Only what is pictured/in description is included
This unit is surplus from a local university hospital
7 Day No DOA Guarantee

limited to item powering up, does not include calibration, or other maintenance type issues


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Product of Interest

Intellicyt iQue Screener PLUS

iQue Screener PLUS offers all of the cost saving and productivity benefits of the iQue Screener, with additional analytical capabilities. Three lasers: violet (405nm), blue (488nm) and red (640nm), plus additional detection capability means richer content. It offers more flexibility in assay design due to the wide range of commercially available dyes and fluorochromes, many of which provide superior performance. Plug violet-excited dyes into MultiCyt Screening Kits to get even more information per cell.


Read more about the iQue Screener PLUS on the IntelliCyt website.


Leica Microsystems DVM6 Digital Microscope

The Leica DVM6 digital microscope is fast, reliable and easy to use for every user. It is the perfect solution that combines outstanding optics, intuitive operation and smart software to save you time.

With the DVM6, you can get from the big picture to smallest details in an instant. You can seamlessly carry on working even if changing objective is required, as the sample always stays in focus and no pre-adjustments are needed. With the tilting function you can observe your sample from different angles from up to ±60°.

Visit the Leica website the learn more about the DVM6 Digital Microscope


Feature Blog

How Ultrasonic Homogenizers Work

Ultrasonic Cell Disrupters, also called Sonicators or Sonifiers® operate on a different principle than mechanical shear homogenizers. They are extremely effective on hard to disrupt samples and for producing smaller particle size distribution within a sample. Some of the samples that are typically sonicated or sonified are bacteria, spores, tough animal tissue, soil samples, nanostructures, and liposomes.

There are three main components of a laboratory Ultrasonic Homogenizer; an electronic generator which provides the power, a transducer which converts the signal to mechanical energy and a horn or probe where the processing takes place.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

Pacific Biosciences Launches New Sequencing Platform Based on its SMRT Technology
The core of the Sequel System is the capacity of its redesigned SMRT Cells, which contain one million zero-mode waveguides (ZMWs) at launch, compared to 150,000 ZMWs in the PacBio RS II. Active individual polymerases are immobilized within the ZMWs, providing windows to observe and record DNA sequencing in real time. Read more.

Phenomenex Strata™-X µElution SPE Plates Enable Cost-Effective Cleanup of Small Volume Samples
Strata-X µElution 96-well plates follow the same procedure as traditional 96-well SPE plates, however elution volumes are as low as 25µL, eliminating the need to perform a dry-down step. Strata-X µElution 96-well plates can be used with a vacuum manifold or positive-pressure system and can be automated with a robotic liquid handler for further time and labor savings. Read more.

METTLER TOLEDO Announces FastTrackTM UV/VIS Spectroscopy To Speed Up Measurements
The new UV/VIS Excellence product portfolio includes four models that provide outstanding optical performance: UV5, UV7, UV5Bio and UV5Nano. The UV5 provides simplicity in UV/VIS spectroscopy with easy direct measurement applications. The UV7 performance complies with strict EU and US Pharmacopeia requirements and provides advanced automation possibilities. Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

Thank you to BMG LABTECH for sponsoring the Microplate Technology categories on LabWrench


BMG LABTECH is a leading developer and global manufacturer of microplate reader instrumentation with a wide range of measurement methods. Microplate readers are used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as in academic research establishments, for both basic research analysis and High Throughput Screening. BMG LABTECH focuses solely on microplate readers and offers the most diverse selection of optical detection systems in conjunction with integrated liquid handling equipment.

Visit the BMG LABTECH website

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Questions for the Lab Instrument Experts

Brookhaven Instruments/BI-DNDC - Set up and calibration
I recently came into a bi-dndc that a lab was just going to throw out. I'm told it is still working and have been supplied with the software (floppy disks), my problem is I cannot find any information on how the experiment and instrument is to be set up, I'm not even sure I have everything. Advise this member.

Fisher Scientific/Isotemp - Wont run
Has anyone had success repairing control boards on Fisher Isotemp stir plates, cat # 11-600-49S? Advise this member.

Hach Company/sensION156 - Conversion
Can this meter covert and display TDS readings in ppm/mg/l? Advise this member.

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