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November 03, 2015

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Jeffrey Thomson, Regeneron: Implementing Waters RapiFluor-MS & ACQUITY QDa for N-Glycan Analysis

In this presentation from the 2015 ASMS Waters Users Meeting, Jeffrey Thomson from Regeneron discusses how the RapiFluor-MS kit and ACQUITY QDa Detector bring greater confidence and productivity to released N-glycan analysis in GMP quality control. Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

Biochrom/Libra S21 - Turn off
I would like to know if I'm using the instrument every 2 hours, should I turn it off ? Advise this member.

Roche/Cobas 6000 - Interfacing
We are trying to interface COBAS 6000 with an HIS application. If over 10-12 tests are ordered in a single blood sample then the order request message exceeds 240 characters and the machine is giving "Host Communication" Error Message. On breaking the message, the analyzer is taking only the second part (after ETB) and ignoring the first part. We need the sample Host to Analyzer order format from the log trace for the scenario where the order message contains more than 240 characters. Advise this member.

EPPENDORF/5810/5810R - Detailed circuit schematics
Can anyone direct me to a source of the detailed (component level) circuit schematics for the 5804/5810? Or has anyone got a copy they could email? They were mentioned in another thread but I have not seen them posted. I have downloaded the three-part service manual but it contains only a general connection diagram. Any help would be much appreciated. Advise this member.

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Use 85% Less Force in Your Pipetting with LTS

Pipetting is a repetitive and forceful activity; minor stresses caused by strain can develop into injuries. To make pipetting lighter and to make sure operators stay healthy, Rainin invented the LiteTouch System that has proven its value over the last 15 years.


By virtually eliminating friction, the Rainin LiteTouch System dramatically reduces the amount of force required to load and eject tips. A thin sealing ring near the top of the tip slides easily over the shaft, creating a firm, air-tight fit with minimal force. LTS pipettes also have cylindrical ends (not cone-shaped) and a positive stop inside the tip to guide the shaft to the correct insertion depth.

Read more about LTS on the Mettler Toledo website.

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How to Measure a Substance’s Consistency

We face consistency all day long without even thinking about it, for example in the morning when we use toothpaste or face creams. Creams, in particular, have different consistencies. Liquid-like lotions soak into the skin easily – a good example here is sunscreen lotion. More solid-like ointments stick on the skin. This is useful for treating open wounds and cuts, for example. Butter, margarine, cheese, honey and other foods need to be spreadable but not so runny that they drip off the bread or knife.

Another good example in daily life is the bitumen which is used for road construction and roofing. In warm climates, the consistency of soft bitumen can lead to rutting on the road or to bitumen dropping off roof shingles because of insufficient stiffness of the bitumen binder. Very hard bitumen consistency can cause fatigue cracks on the road surface under cold climatic conditions.

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Improve Efficiency in Density Testing Saves Time in Labs
Most scientists know that accurately determining the density of a substance is a critical part of the research process. Adam Equipment’s density kit is a valuable tool to help laboratory workers assess the density of their materials. Combine the density kit with one of Adam’s analytical balances and the process becomes even more reliable and precise. Read more.

Proven Top Quality Sample Storage Tubes
Available in non-coded or alphanumeric coded versions, Micronic 1.40ml round bottom tubes provide an affordable way to improve your sample storage, handling and logistic processes. Micronic 1.40ml tubes can be purchased in bulk lots, refills or racked for 96-tube format use in the Comorack-96 or the fully automation compatible Roborack-96.  Read more.

Solutions for the Visualization and Analysis of Big Image Data in Life Sciences
New microscopy technologies, such as light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) or clearing methods, allow the imaging of large samples at high resolution or high frame rates. Handling, processing, and analyzing these multi-terabyte data sets has become increasingly difficult for scientists, e.g. in developmental biology and neuroscience.  Read more.

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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

Hach Company/WIMS - DWO
When using the DWO function, will it only return 40 records? And if so, is there a way to increase that number? Advise this member.

Varian/Cary 100 - Software on windows 7
Does anyone know if this Cary Software is capable of running on a windows 7 computer? We currently have it on a windows 2000 desktop. Has anyone used it on a newer version? Advise this member.

Fungilab/Expert series - Shear rate of spindle
I'm currently using the R spindles with the Fungilab Expert Series, but the results are given in R.P.M and not in shear rate values. In the manuals there isn't any conversion equation, anyone has the equation or a conversion factor that you can send me? Advise this member.

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