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April 19, 2016

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Digital PCR Using the Bio-Rad QX100™ ddPCR™ System

Bio-Rad's QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) system provides an absolute measure of target DNA molecules with unrivaled performance in precision, accuracy, and sensitivity for quantitative PCR applications. Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

Thermo Scientific/Sorvall WX Ultra Series - Alarm code E60
The centrifuge "wx ultra 80" shows an alarm code E60 which is not described in the manual. Could you inform us about the possible reasons for this alarm please? Advise this member.

Hach Company/DR 5000 - Error 15
What does the message "Error 15" indicate in a Hach DR5000? How can we resolve this? Advise this member.

Bruker Corporation/400-GC Series - Can't light flame
Air flows at both FIDs fluctuating wildly. Can't light Flame. Any ideas? Advise this member.

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BMT USA Climacell EVO Stability Chamber, Incubator

The CLIMACELL line of air-conditioned chambers provide all and any conditions for exact and reproducible simulation of various climatic conditions. Thanks to a wide range of adjustable parameters -20°C up to +100°C (-4°F – 212°F ) of temperature and 10–95% of humidity, optional light sources and the opportunity for CO2 regulation , sterilization at 160°C (320°F) and a variety of options and accessories, the new generation of the stability chamber, Climacell EVO becomes an ideal tool for simulation of conditions in many fields and applications. Simple control via the color touch screen controller, precise parameters and wide options for data output meet the most demanding conditions of the pharmaceutical and laboratory industries.

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 NuAire NU-603-630 Reverse Flow Laminar Flow Hood 6ft #2 

Asking Price: $1299.00 USD

Tested. Powers On; Blower, Light, Receptacles, Gauge & Controls Work Well. Good Condition; Minor Scratches and Stains 

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Do You Know the Flow Behavior of Your Wall Paint?

To determine the rheological behavior of a material – for example wall paint – a quick and practical solution can be to carry out a single-point measurement with a viscometer. On the other hand, using a rheometer to determine a measuring curve has its advantages.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

Shimadzu’s New Protein Sequencers Offer Enhanced Sensitivity and Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announces the release of the new PPSQ-51A single reactor and PPSQ-53A triple reactor protein sequencers. The new PPSQ-51A/53A protein sequencers employ Shimadzu’s SPD-M30A photodiode array detector for higher sensitivity. The detector features a capillary cell that is 8.5 times longer than standard cells, which increases sensitivity and enables the study of longer protein sequences. Read more.

Bruker Announces High-Performance and Cost-Effective NMR Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries
At the 57th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference, Bruker is showcasing several innovative drug discovery, drug development and process control solutions for small molecule NMR characterization in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Read more.

Micronic Launches New 1.40ml Sample Storage Tube with External Thread
Using externally-threaded tubes for sample storage eliminates the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread, which greatly reduces the chance of cross-contamination. Externally threaded tubes also allow for a higher volume of material to be stored inside, which means that sample tubes can hold more while occupying the same amount of storage space. Read more.

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Thank you to Air Master Systems for sponsoring the Lab Furniture categories on LabWrench

Air Master Systems (AMS) has manufactured fume hood products that have been solving laboratory ventilation problems since 1975. AMS also produces premium quality lab furniture created with innovative cutting edge design. With safety as their number one priority, they design, manufacture, and deliver fume hoods and flexible laboratory furniture that adheres to the strictest industry requirements.

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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

Perkin Elmer Autosystem XL GC with TotalChrome Software
How Can I create a system suitability method and apply it to a chromatographic data to determine resolution between components? Advise this member.

SPEX SamplePrep/8000M Mixer/Mill® - Chip for Extended Running Time
I am doing mechanical alloying using a SPEX8000M Mixer/ Mill. However, the current timer controller of our machine cannot stop and restarted the machine automatically (for example, start milling for 30 minutes, then machine is stopped for resting 20 minutes, and after that it is restarted milling again automatically...). I found that producer offered a chip which can broaden the time range from 99 to 9999 minutes. Is anyone using this chip? Could you tell me whether this chip can be programmed to control the milling time? Thank you very much in advance! Advise this member.

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