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December 08, 2014

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In The Market For A Water Purification System? 

Water is the most commonly used laboratory reagent; however, the importance of water quality is often overlooked. Because impurities can be a critical factor in many research experiments, water purity ranks high in importance. There are several types of impurities and contaminants in water such as particulates, organics, inorganics, microorganisms and pyrogens that can adversely affect results. 

Achieving water of a high quality requires the careful use of purification technologies and a method for accurately measuring and monitoring contaminants.

Top 4 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Water Purification System

  1. What do you need the water for? What is your application & what type of water is needed? What is the source of your current water? How much water is required per batch/day? Are there special requirements for delivery?
  2. What is your budget? (This will determine the technology). What is the cost of ownership over five years?
  3. Where do you need the system in the lab(s)? Consider: top of counter, under counter or wall mounting the unit. What is the overall footprint/real estate of the system(s) and components?
  4. What kind of warranty and service is provided? Is the system manufactured to quality standards and which ones? Is this a pharmaceutical application that needs to be validated?

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Product of Interest

Leica Microsystems Free Buyer's Guide: Confocal Microscopes for Life Science Discovery

Bringing focus to your decision-making process so you make the best choice for you and your lab.

In this 16-page confocal buyer's guide, you’ll learn the key considerations for each step of the purchasing process, from budgeting to comparing different technologies to asking the right questions of sales representatives.

Download today and learn more about:
  • Evaluating Your Research Needs - Present and Future
  • Understanding Your Options
  • Budgeting Your Purchase: A Holistic View
  • Investigating Reputation and Support
  • Knowing the Terminology: Glossary for Confocal Microscopy
  • Making a Confident Decision
  • Confocal Microscope Buyer's Guide Checklist


Download your FREE Leica Microsystems Buyer's Guide

Phenom-World Motorized Tilt Rotation Sample Holder

Revealing the hidden treasures of all features on your sample is now possible with the Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder. Samples can have lines and holes, or have multi-layer structures. The new Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder allows analysis of the sample from all visible sides and enables a unique 3D image of your sample. 

Visit the Phenom-World website the learn more about the Motorized Tilt Rotation Sample Holder


Help your Colleagues

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

JEOL JEM-2100F - Phosphor Screen
Can someone please tell me the typical response time (rise time and decay time) of the green phosphor screen in JEOL 2100F TEM? Advise this member.

EMD Millipore Elix Advantage - Incorrect language version
In the screen appears "Incorrect language version", and I can't access to the menu or any command. I was wondering if you have the solution for this. Advise this member.

Tescan VEGA-II - After changing the filament
After changing the filament the emission current value was 300 and when we worked on 30kv there was no emission current. Advise this member.

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Have a Question ??

Have a Question?

Company News Hot Off The Press

Leica Microsystems Previews Light Sheet Module for Confocal Microscope for Gentle and Fast Live Imaging
At the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) in Philadelphia, PA, USA, from December 6 to 10, 2014, Leica Microsystems offers visitors a preview of its latest development: a light sheet module as an optional add-on to the Leica TCS SP8 confocal microscope for the observation of developing organisms in real time and 3D. The synergy of light sheet and confocal microscopy opens novel fields of application.  Read more.


Malvern technology delivers Malvern reliability in multi-disciplinary lab at Queen Mary University London
The cross-disciplinary capabilities of Malvern Instruments’ technology are being fully exploited at Queen Mary University London. The Zetasizer Nano, NanoSight Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) and Mastersizer 2000 systems are all employed within the university’s multi-disciplinary lab. The instruments serve a wide variety of research groups working in areas as diverse as silica coating formulation through to tissue regeneration, demonstrating the value that Malvern’s robust technology brings throughout the scientific arena.  Read more.


Leica Microsystems Introduces the Inverted Microscope Leica DMi8
Leica Microsystems is launching the Leica DMi8 inverted microscope with built-in modularity that can grow and adapt to ever-changing research needs. With this new concept, life scientists can custom-configure an inverted microscope now and upgrade it in the future for applications ranging from basic imaging to advanced fluorescence microscopy. The Leica DMi8 is equipped with an additional incident illumination port, the Infinity Port, which facilitates the integration of additional light sources and laser systems for advanced applications.  Read more.

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Sponsor of the Week

Thank you to ELGA for sponsoring the Water Purification category on LabWrench
ELGA specializes in delivering water purification systems for research, science, clinical environments. Our comprehensive range of pure and ultra-pure water (Type I, II, III) purification systems provide a few liters to several thousands of liters of water per day. Trusted name in water purification for over 75 years and manufacturer of PURELAB®, CENTRA® and MEDICA®. Part of the world’s leading water services company Veolia. Check out the NEW PURELAB Chorus—a point of use, modular system that is flexible, configurable and scalable for your laboratory providing consistent water quality to get accurate results.

Visit the ELGA website to check out the NEW PURELAB Chorus!

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Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

EMD Millipore Milli-Q Advantage A10 - Main screen does not show anything
My Milli-Q advantage A10 main screen does not work. It's black. Could anyone give the solution? Advise this member.

PDL 384 well plate?
I have recently got a 384 well plate from another lab which is a little old but they say it's good to reuse. I've washed it out and sterilised with ethanol and UV. The only problem is my cell line is only semi adherent and I was wondering if I could PDL the bottom of the plate? Is that something people do? If so, what volume should I use?
 Advise this member.

PerkinElmer AAnalyst 400 - Error code 1005: Detector saturation
I have been trying to calibrate for Zn and that error code pops up even for the blank! I have really high background readings and I have changed as many of the parameters as I could but I still get the detector saturation error. I have tried a less sensitive wavelength and a narrower slit width. Can I get suggestions on how to deal with this please? Advise this member.

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