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January 27, 2016

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Genevac - EZ-2.3 range

The third generation of the EZ-2 Series is the pinnacle of parallel evaporation that draws on the expertise of Genevacs' engineers and the experiences of many scientists in the laboratory. Watch the video here.

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Cincinnati Sub-Zero StableClimate® II Stability Chambers

Whether your testing is for R&D, clinical trials or ongoing stability, our stability chambers provide a stable, temperature/humidity conditioned environment for worry-free operation with a control system that is easy to use and saves you time.

StableClimate® II stability chambers are available in temperature or temperature and humidity models. CSZ stability chambers are ideal for ICH Q1A stability testing, shelf life, package testing, accelerated aging for a variety of applications including; Pharmaceutical Products/Packaging; Medical Products/Packaging; Personal Care Products; Consumer Products and Research. All stability chambers meet the ICH Q1A pharmaceutical stability guidelines for a variety of storage conditions.

Read more about the StableClimate® II on the Cincinnati Sub-Zero website.

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 Pierce Heat / Stirring Module Pierce Model 18970  

Asking Price: $395.00 USD


Reacti-Therm" Modules are easy-to-use dry block heaters that provide constant temperature control. They are ideal for heating, stirring and evaporation required for sample derivatization before analysis by gas chromatography or high-performance liquid chromatography. Designed with a recessed cavity that holds interchangeable Reacti-Block" Aluminum Blocks, the modules can also be used for sample incubation and vacuum hydrolysis for amino acid analysis

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Is Water Safe To Inject In Gas Chromatography?

This is a frequently asked question based on a long history of water injections in gas chromatography. As time goes by, the rules often change.

In the first GC columns, gas chromatography phases were simply coated onto the column. This was mostly the case with packed columns, but also the same with the very first capillary columns. Injecting water onto these phases dissolved the phase and caused the phase to elute from the columns.

Over time, the capillary columns were bonded instead of coated. This chemical bonding made them stable to water injections, as well as solvent rinsing.

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High Performance UV Assay Microplates
Precision engineered and assembled using biocompatible adhesive technology, Porvair Krystal UV plates are the perfect microplate solution for sensitive UV and fluorescence assays. Their high degree of planar flatness makes them ideal for use with automated plate reading, confocal microscopy and liquid handling systems. Read more.

Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipette Improves Productivity & Reproducibility
INTEGRA reports on a new technical note produced by Analytik Jena that compares the performance of the INTEGRA VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing multichannel pipette with a manual single channel pipette for performing real-time PCR experiments. Read more.

Aluminum Vacuum Chambers from Terra Universal
Terra’s vacuum chambers are used to test, store or transport items sensitive to moisture and particles. Made of power-coated aluminum, the large sizes are one-inch-thick, while smaller benchtop models are half-inch-thick. The sturdy chambers can sustain prolonged 29.9” Hg vacuum level without warping or leaking. Read more.

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