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March 01, 2016

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Scout Portable Balances By OHAUS

Introducing the next generation of Scout® portable balances. Watch the video here.

Recently Asked Questions

PerkinElmer/LAMBDA 650/750 - Fan noises
Recently, the fan on the Lambda 650 sounds louder than normal. The readings are all the same and there seems to be no performance impact. It just sounds obnoxious and worrying to the users. Has anyone ever come across this issue/how did you fix it? Someone in our lab suggested a bearing adjustment might be needed in the motor, but it would be nice to have some guidance before I open up the whole machine. Advise this member.

Hach Company/DR 2800 - Calibration
How do I calibrate this machine? Advise this member.

Teledyne Tekmar/Lotix TOC Combustion Analyzer - Equipment Requirements
How should particle size of the sample work? Advise this member.

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Metrohm 917 Karl Fischer Coulometer

KF Ti-Touch titrators offer routine water determination on a small space.

Designed as easy-to-use and compact systems, they are equipped with a variety of features to make your work more comfortable: color touch screen, shortcuts for favorite methods, KF icons indicating the instrument status, and many more.

The KF Ti-Touch is available as a volumetric system for determining water contents above 0.1% and as a coulometric system for low water contents down to 0.001%.

Read more about the 917 Karl Fischer Coulometer

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 Lab-Line Instruments Rocking Platform Shaker 4635

Asking Price: $275.00 USD


Rocking motion is constant at 10 oscillations per minute

Platform moves through a 10° angle from the horizontal plane.
On/off switch and mechanical timer (1 to 60 min. or continuous)
Rugged steel body
Platform dimensions: 11 1/2 x 131/2 inches with a V2 inch ledge
Dimensions w/ platform: 10 x 9 ~/2 x 6 inches high.
120V; 50/60Hz

Contact ReGen Lab Equipment
for More Information

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The Role Of Purified Water In Solid Phase Extraction

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) has become established over the past forty years as a versatile and powerful tool for pre-concentration in trace analyses of complex matrices including urine, blood, water, beverages, soil, and animal tissue. Recent developments1 and the inclusion of SPE in the EU programme for water analyses2 confirm the on-going role of SPE and I am taking the occasion to review the requirement for purified water in current SPE techniques.

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Company News Hot Off The Press

High-Pressure Ion Chromatography System Delivers New Levels of Simplicity and Flexibility
The Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion High-Pressure Ion Chromatography (HPIC) system, the newest addition to the Thermo Fisher Scientific ion chromatography portfolio, is intuitive and easy-to-use, and capable of addressing challenging laboratory workflows. Read more.

Ultra Stable Microscope Platforms for Electrophysiology & Neuroscience
Prior Scientific’s Z-Deck rangeis a high quality, height adjustable platform designed specifically for upright microscopes widely used in electrophysiology and neuroscience, including the Nikon FN1/Ni, the Olympus BX51WI / BX61WI, and the Zeiss Axio Examiner microscopes. Read more.

Scalable Protocol to Differentiate Skeletal Muscle Cells from Stem Cells
AMSBIO announces the availability of the world's first kit to differentiate human pluripotent stem cells into functional myotubes. The new kit utilizes a highly efficient media based protocol to produce skeletal muscle cells from stem cells in a simple, scalable manner. Read more.

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Lab Equipment Questions for the Experts

Radiometer Analytical/TitraLab 865 - Internal low battery
When I opened my Titralab, I had this comment "Internal Low Battery". How do I replace this internal battery? Advise this member.

LECO Corporation/FP-528 - Updated software
We purchased a Leco fp-528 back in the windows 98 days. The computer attached to it finally died. Is there updated software that will run in windows 7 or newer. How would I acquire this. Advise this member.

Teledyne Isco/CombiFlash® Rf - Injection valve
The injection valve of the instrument Combiflash Teledyne Isco Rf+ is leaking by the safety valve. What's happening? Advise this member.

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