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ALMSCO has invested heavily in research and development of innovative measurement technologies; specifically Time-of-Flight (TOF) Mass Spectrometry (MS) and associated data analysis software.    As a result of this investment ALMSCO introduced a series of innovative products to the on- and off-line analytical instrumentation market in early 2008. These include: 

  • BenchTOF-dx™ : A low-cost, bench-top TOF MS, compatible with any GC and offering typical SIM sensitivity in full scan mode. Perfect for screening real world samples for trace target compounds. 
  • ClearView™ : Unique baseline compensation software for enhanced accuracy and repeatability in GC/MS quantification. 
  • TargetView™ : Another unique software product – this time offering enhanced detection and identification of trace target analytes. 
  With the successful launch of these products, ALMSCO’s experienced technical and engineering staff are well positioned to support and extend the current range of innovative analytical solutions.     ALMSCO is a division of Markes International Ltd.

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Found In: GC-TOF MS

BenchTOF-dx offers a unique combination of high-performance & affordability to any GC/MS user interested in trace detection

ALMSCO TargetView™

Found In: Software (GC)

Software for detection & identification of compounds from GC/MS analyses

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News About ALMSCO

Image: Cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology on show at PITTCON 2013

ALMSCO International, a world-leader in time-of-flight mass spectrometry technology and innovation, has announced that it will be showcasing its latest suite of products for trace-level organic chemical analysis at PITTCON 2013. On show will be...

Image: New GC/MS software makes compound detection and identification a faster, simpler and more accurate process

ALMSCO International has announced the launch of its new version of TargetView™, a software package for compound identification following GC/MS analysis. Capable of detecting and identifying both target and ‘unknown’ compounds in...

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