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CDS Analytical

CDS Analytical, Inc. has been a leader in the design and manufacture of laboratory instruments for sample preparation and analysis for four decades. Best known in the field of analytical pyrolysis, CDS has supplied instrumentation for a wide range of additional analyses including catalyst screening, reaction optimization, organic headspace analysis, and environmental testing. Incorporated as Chemical Data Systems, Inc., CDS introduced its first product, the Pyroprobe®, in 1969. The Pyroprobe was used with pyrolysis-gas chromatography to analyze solids. In 1977, CDS produced the 310 Sample Concentrator, a manual purge and trap instrument for environmental analysis. Later we introduced the first microprocessor controlled purge and trap instrument, the CDS Model 320. By the mid-1990s CDS recognized the need for laboratory automation and developed the AS-2500 Pyrolysis Autosampler. At the start of the new Millennium, CDS Analytical, Inc. and Dynatherm Analytical Instruments Inc. combined forces, adding additional thermal sampling instrumentation to the CDS product line. Dynatherm instruments provide laboratory personnel with the means to collect trace organic chemicals from air, water, and soil samples, as well as diverse food products such as coffee, grains, juices, chocolate, flavorings, and their packaging materials. In years to come CDS Analytical will continue to support customers by developing the next wave of sample introduction instruments.

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CDS Analytical 7400 Autosampler

Found In: Autosamplers

Soil Mode:    72 position autosampler, with removable sample trays for 40 ml VOA Vials, 3 trays of 24  Internal Standard addition

CDS Analytical 8000

Found In: GC Components , Sample Preparation

The CDS 8000 sample concentrator is the first universal GC sample preparation system designed with today's analytical lab personnel in mind. The 8000

CDS Analytical 7000 E

Found In: GC Components

The CDS 7000 E delivers the same reliable performance as the model 7000, but in a smaller and stream-lined package. The 7000 E features our industry

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Image: New Soil/Water Purge And Trap Autosampler Offers Great Reproducibility And Compatibility With A Variety Of Concentrators

The CDS-7400 soil/water purge and trap autosampler offers great reproducibility and compatibility with a variety of purge and trap concentrators. The system features a 72 position autosampler with three removable trays of 24 vials and automated...

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CDS Analytical

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