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Techne is a part of Bibby Scientific  We sell, market, distribute and service both Techne® and Jenway LTD products for the North and South American markets. In addition, we also manufacture several products here at our Burlington, NJ facility.    We offer a wide range of instruments including but not limited to the following:  Dry Block Temperature Calibrators, Thermal Cyclers, Water Baths, Dri-blocks, Fluidized Baths, Hybridization Ovens, Spectrophotometers, Flame Photometers, Electrochemistry meters and probes, Temperature Sensors and Thermometers.     Applications for these products in the Laboratory, Life Science, Analytical, Electrochemistry, and Industrial markets include: Temperature Calibration, DNA, sequencing, Heat treatment, distillation and reaction experiments, hybridization, quality control, Gelation Time, food testing, sterilization, density measurement, analytical research, basic research, molecular biology research, clinical diagnostics, water quality tests, pH and conductivity measurements, Sous-Vide cooking method and cleaning of injector and extruder components in the plastics industry.    In addition, we offer NIST traceable calibrations on all of our products and those obtained from other sources.

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Techne Digital Dri-Block heaters

Found In: Hot Plates , Heating Mantles

Techne® digital Dri-Block® heaters

Techne Sample Concentrator for Tubes FSC400D

Found In: Sample Preparation

The Techne Sample Concentrator accelerates the concentration of large numbers of samples in a matter of minutes.

Techne Glass Culture Vessel

Found In: Magnetic Stirrers

The culture vessels incorporate a unique base design which, together with the bulb-ended stirrer, ensures that the cells are lifted.

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Image: Techne’s new range of Dri-block® heaters have been given a new look and increased functionality

The new range of digital Dri-block® heaters from Techne offers enhanced levels of choice, flexibility and specification. With a fresh new look and a wide selection of instruments, users can now select two, three and four-block models for high...


Techne, a leading brand of Bibby Scientific, has released the latest version of their Prime Series Thermal Cyclers. User-friendly programming functions are performed with prompted protocol templates displayed on a large color touch screen interface....

January 2011 Innovative Techne® TC-PLUS thermal cyclers save time, space and energy! Techne offers the TC-PLUS range of thermal cyclers, a feature-packed combination of Server and Satellite units giving complete flexibility to configure any mul...

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