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TECA Corporation

They manufactured the first thermoelectric (Peltier) air conditioner over 30 years ago. Always a leader in the field of thermoelectric cooling (Peltier cooling), today TECA offers the most comprehensive collection of thermoelectric products such as Peltier air conditioners, Peltier coolers and Peltier chillers in the world. Their collection includes standard and custom-designed thermoelectric products and accessories. All of their Peltier coolers and other thermoelectric products are manufactured in the USA.

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TECA Corporation AHP-5400CPV

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

Air Cooled Thermoelectric Cold Plate For Laboratory

TECA Corporation Cold/Hot Plates

Found In: Hot Plates

Versatile Cold/Hot Plate

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News About TECA Corporation

Image: Largest Peltier Cold Plate on Market

TECA Corporation has released a new product into its line of laboratory cold/hot plates. With a plate surface of nearly 2 square feet (~1745 cm²) the new AHP-2700CPV Cold/Hot Plate offers 690 Watts of cooling capacity. Ideal for cooling or...

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About TECA Corporation

TECA Corporation

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