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Fisher Scientific

Part of Thermo Scientific   Quality and Durability:  Equipment designed with quality and performance in mind.  Choice:  Fisherbrand consumables and Fisher Scientific lab equipment are available in 130 categories.  Fisherbrand Promise:  If our product does not perform to published specifications, we will replace it -- no questions asked.

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Fisher Scientific XL50

Found In: pH Meters

Multiparameter meter with research-grade capabilities, unrivaled usability and connectivity

Fisher Scientific XL20

Found In: pH Meters

Excel XL20 pH/mV/Temperature/Conductivity/Resistivity Meters

Fisher Scientific XL15

Found In: pH Meters

Excel XL15 pH/mV/Temperature Meter

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Image: A Faster Way to Separate Proteins with Electrophoresis

A new running buffer is designed for use at higher voltages than traditional buffers, providing gradient-like electrophoretic separations of protein samples in nearly one-third less time and with a broad molecular weight separation range. The...

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Fisher Scientific

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