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tecaLAB ICE-STIR Stirring Electric Ice Bucket

Found In: Magnetic Stirrers

The Stirring Electric Ice Bucket, ICE-STIR, is a bench top product that cools vessels below ambient temperature

tecaLAB ICE-160 Electric Ice Tray

Found In: Dry Baths

Ideal for life science researchers and other laboratory applications, tecaLAB™ Electric Ice Tray is an affordable option for easy bench top

tecaLAB Thermal Lab Beads™

Found In: Miscellaneous

Replacing lab bath water or ice with tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ greatly reduces both the risk of contamination and the maintenance

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Image: Temperature Control for Iceless, Waterless Stirring Bath

The AHP-301MSP Stirring Bead Bath can maintain samples from 0 °C to 50 °C using thermoelectric (Peltier) technology. A Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) temperature controller is integral to the new design. The controller allows the Stirring Bead...

Image: Iceless, Waterless Stirring Bath

New from tecaLAB   Stirring baths help maintain temperature uniformity and solution mixing in a liquid sample. However, typical laboratory baths that rely on ice or water are prone to waterborne contamination. This can skew results and...

Image: Electric Ice Trays for Life Sciences New from tecaLAB

Electric Ice Trays from tecaLAB are an affordable option for easy bench top cooling. The compact Peltier design allows for maintenance free, constant cooling. Simply plug it in and cool to as low as 25C below ambient. Electric Ice Trays can be run...

Image: Thermal Lab Beads™ Replace Water/Ice in Lab Baths

A common problem with water baths and ice buckets in the lab is contamination of the samples from the bath water/ice. tecaLAB™aluminum Thermal Lab Beads™ help reduce the risk of losing samples due to waterborne contaminants andare an...

Image: An Ice Bucket That Never Melts

Use in place of ice buckets and water baths for “always on” cooling. New to tecaLAB’s™ line of laboratory products, the Electric Ice Bucket™ can save time, money and energy as compared to traditional water baths and ice...

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