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PERSEE is a world-leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation from industry to research institutions, founded in 1991 and now with annual sales of $100 million dollars. Today, there are more than 1000 employees worldwide, 30% work in R&D. We have sold over 60K units of UV-Vis and more than 30K units of AAS. Our product quality is well recognized by both industrial and R&D users. We just set up US office in Cleveland, OH to provide quality and timely support to end users and business partners. We offer trial units, pre/post sales support, extended warranties and free sample tests.

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Found In: HPLC Systems

The pump heads have been machined using a first class CNC process; the innovative structural design achieves minimum pressure fluctuation.

PERSEE T3/T3M Portable Vis Spectrophotometer

Found In: UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

The T3 portable spectrometer is a compact portable instrument based on advanced CCD detection technology.         This highly compact

PERSEE T9/T10DCS Double monochromator UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Found In: UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

The T9/T10DCS Spectrophotometer incorporates dual monochromator technology making it well suited to even the most demanding of applications in all

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