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Preotome Sciences delivers content for Precision Medicine through services, biomarkers and reagents. They use high sensitivity proprietary technologies to detect biomarkers across major human diseases in areas of significant unmet need where biomarkers have the potential to transform disease management and treatment for the first time at the level of the individual. Their proteomics expertise provides complementary and enabling content and insight for their strategic partners to develop more effective, time and cost-efficient healthcare solutions.

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Proteome Sciences TMTcalibrator™

Found In: PCR Reagents and Kits

Enhanced detection of tissue-derived biomarkers in body fluids typically not seen in standard MS workflow  Four-point calibration curve for

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Image: Proteome Sciences plc announce Good Clinical Laboratory Practice Accreditation

Proteome Sciences are pleased to announce the receipt of Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) accreditation which will enable the Company to extend its proteomic services to the analysis of clinical trial samples.   Proteome...

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Proteome Sciences

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