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Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument systems, tests and supplies that simplify and automate laboratory processes. Spanning the biomedical testing continuum—from pioneering medical research and clinical trials to laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care testing—Beckman Coulter's 200,000 installed systems provide essential biomedical information to enhance health care around the world.

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Beckman Coulter Fixed Angle Rotor

Found In: Centrifuge Accessories

The fixed angle rotor, rated for 14 000 rpm, is designed to centrifuge up to six 250-mL containers at a 25-degree angle to the axis of rotation.

Beckman Coulter MoFlo Astrios EQ,

Found In: Flow Cytometers

Complex Sorting, Simplified

Beckman Coulter Avanti JXN-26

Found In: Centrifuge

Simply Get Results with Avanti JXN-26 High Performance Centrifuge

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Image: Stability of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 Reverse Transcriptase Heterodimer

Abstract The characterization of a heteroassociating system is described in this article: The thermodissociation is studied using band sedimentation analysis; The electrostatic dissociation is studied using boundary sedimentation...

Image: Determination of Molecular Weight of Glycoproteins by Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Introduction Analytical ultracentrifugation is a classical technique that has played a critical role in laying the foundations for modern molecular biology. Among its achievements is the demonstration that proteins are macromolecules rather...

Image: The Solution Conformation of Novel Antibody Fragments Studied Using the Proteomelab XL-A Analytical Ultracentrifuge

Introduction One of the latest attempts to improve monoclonal antibodies in their use as radiolabeled diagnostic markers has involved the cross-linking of novel Fab’ fragments. It is expected that a relationship exists between the spacing...

Image: Analysis of Membrane Protein Dimerization by Sedimentation Equilibrium

Abstract Determination of the assembly state(s) of a membrane protein poses a difficult analytical problem. A powerful technique that is well adapted to meet this challenge is solution interaction analysis using analytical ultracentrifugation....

Image: α-Chymotrypsin: Characterization of a Self-Associating System in the Analytical Ultracentrifuge

We have studied the dimerization of ?-chymotrypsin as an example of a typical self-associating system in order to show how such a reaction may be characterized. ?-Chymotrypsin has also been suggested as a model system to ensure...

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Beckman Coulter

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