Glas-Col is the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory products and industrial heating and mixing technology. The combination of modern facilities, and highly trained personnel, keep Glas-Col on the leading edge of technology for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, industrial, and the research & development industry.

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Found In: Animal Research Equipment

Glas-Col's hand-held pneumatic egg punch produces a clean, circular fracture in embryonated chicken eggs. The lab technician holds the egg punch in

Glas-Col Polarimeter

Found In: Polarimeters

Glas-Col offers a basic Polarimeter instrument for measuring the polarization of light; for determining the effect of a substance in rotating the

Glas-Col 12 Channel Data Logger

Found In: Data Systems

12 Channel T/C Monitor  The New desktop data logger is a 12 channel thermocouple instrument with full color LCD display. All 12 channels are

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