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November 29th , 2010



With Thanksgiving over, it’s time to start your plans for 2011! Whether it’s making New Year’s resolutions, planning vacation, or making budgets a good plan and a little research can go a long way. Although LabWrench may not be able to find you the hottest deal in the Caribbean, or help you stick to your new resolutions what we can do is help you plan and research your 2011 lab equipment purchases. Visitors to LabWrench have taken the opportunity to ask their peers for feedback and suggestions before making a buying decision, narrowing their search based on real user experience. LabWrench provides you with product information, a comparison table and the ability to request a quote directly from manufacturers, so go ahead ask your peers for their thoughts. Who knew researching products could be this easy?!

 Featured Question and Discussions

Below you will find some recent questions and discussions happening on LabWrench where users are asking for feedback from the community as part of their decision making process, I encourage you to do the same. Visit and use the ‘Ask a Question’ function featured on the homepage.

Nanodrop vs. Quawell vs. Nanovue

I am looking for a good cuvette free spectrophotometer and came across these 3 manufacturers. I have had good experience with Nanodrop but now that I have to buy my own, I'm more price sensitive and the Quawell costs about half of the other 2. Click here to read complete discussion.

Trying to compare Agilent 1200 to Waters UPLC

I am in the market for a LC/MS/MS system and just cannot decide between the Agilent 1200RR and the Waters Acquity UPLC system. Any suggestions? Find out what decision this user made by clicking here.

In Need of a Mechanical Stirrer

I need to a lab mech. stirrer with speed max 1000 rpm , speed variator , RPM indicator ( digital or scale ), volume to be mixed 30 - 40 lit. , power supply AC 220 V 50 - 60 MHZ. Click here to respond.

 Featured Articles

Key Techniques For Making The Best Equipment Deals

Sometimes the acquisition of new laboratory equipment can be quite simple. “Most of the time it is because what we currently have is broken,” says Mala Burton, laboratory supervisor with the Hopewell Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility in Hopewell, Va. Read more.

Product Focus: Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological safety cabinets (BSCs) are specialized work areas that provide protection to users/operators and/or samples. BSCs are categorized as Class I, Class II or Class III, depending on their construction, airflow characteristics and exhaust systems. These classifications are based on each BSC’s suitability for samples at various biosafety levels. Class I and Class II cabinets handle Biosafety Levels 1, 2 and 3 (low to moderate risk), while Class III BSCs are intended for use with Biosafety Level 4 agents (high risk). Read more.

 Featured Product

WHITE PAPER: Best Practices for Chemical Inventory Management

FREE WHITE PAPER details operational excellence and risk mitigation strategies for managing chemical inventory. Learn Best Practices techniques to:

  • Optimize critical inventory system components
  • Access accurate chemical safety & inventory data in real-time
  • Streamline lot tracking and qualification
  • Address regulatory requirements
  • Automate Tier 2, OSHA, Fire Code, GHS reporting, and more

Click Here For Your Copy

 Featured Video  Survey

Labconco Biosafety Cabinet and Glove Box Smoke Test. Smoke test video demonstrating the airflow in a Purifier Logic Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet as well as Protector HEPA-Filtered Glove Box. View the video.

LabWrench and Lab Manager Magazine are looking for your feedback on ‘Biological Safety Cabinets’. This online survey will help us to write an article that will improve your purchasing process and provide you with greater confidence in your final purchasing decision. Please take 3 minutes and complete our survey. Thank you! Click here to get started.


 Recent Questions Asked on LabWrench
 Recent Questions Asked on LabWrench

Thank You Labconco for offering assistance with our Biological Safety Cabinet category on LabWrench.

Since 1925, Labconco Corporation has been dedicated to making high quality laboratory equipment. Let us show you how we can protect your laboratory environment! Visit them at

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