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January 17th, 2011



Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for 2011 from the team at LabWrench. This is the first issue of the year so I’m going to jump right into some recent discussions and questions being asked on LabWrench. As always, by responding directly on LabWrench, you will be recognized for your answer. Your participation will be very helpful in growing the community and providing answers to common lab equipment problems. The questions are outlined below.

 Featured Question and Discussions

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Topic: DTX 880 Calibration / Qualification Supplier Needed.
Is there an alternate supplier for recalibration of the plates for the Beckman Coulter DTX880. Click here to respond.

Topic: Temperature not reaching required temp on Sanyo CO2 MCO 175M
Right after a New-Year cleaning and a fresh restart does not seem to reach the required 37Celsius. Click here to respond.

Topic: Service Manual and Parts Needed For VWR Galaxy 20R Centrifuge Requested by General Electric
Need parts and service manual. Click here to respond.

Topic: Constant Flow Reading Shimadzu UV-1800
Is there a way to flow a liquid system through a spectrophotometer and receive a constant reading without removing a sample of the fluid?...... Click here to read more or respond.

 Featured Articles

Analytical Balances
Balances and scales used in laboratories today come in various shapes and sizes. Although often used interchangeably, scales and balances have different uses. A balance compares the mass of two sets of objects, while a scale determines the mass of an object or set of objects. Read more.

Pure Water
Purified water is the most common reagent found in laboratory facilities, used throughout experimental protocols in virtually every type of application. Whether used for washing glassware, buffer preparation, cell culture, or a highly sensitive analytical technique, the appropriate grade of water is essential to support research projects and maintain productivity. Read more.

 Featured Product

AQUA SOLUTIONS' Analytical Grade Type I DI Systems
AQUA SOLUTIONS' Analytical Grade Type I DI Systems are available in Standard (2-3 Liters/Min) and High Flow/Capacity (4-10 Liters/Min) versions, for operation on either Ordinary Tap Water or Pre-treated Water. All AQUA SOLUTIONS' Analytical Grade Type I DI Systems produce purified water that meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and NCCLS specifications for Type I reagent grade water.


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Thank You KNF Neuberger Inc. for sponsoring the LabWrench Vacuum Pump category

Since 1977, German precision, quality engineering principles, American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit have been at work at the headquarters of KNF Neuberger, Inc., which designs and manufactures standard and custom-tailored air, gas, and liquid pumps. View all KNF pumps on LabWrench.

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