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February 7th , 2011



Questions and Discussions continue to pour in as more and more lab professionals turn to social networking to communicate with each other about the equipment challenges they face.

This week, I’ve made a small change to the newsletter by including ‘Featured News.’ These are a few articles that have been posted to LabWrench throughout the week. Enjoy the latest and greatest laboratory product updates, notifications, contests and more!

 Featured Question and Discussions

It’s easy to ask a question on LabWrench! Visit the homepage and use the ‘Ask a Question’ function to get started. Here are some recent questions, if you can provide an answer it would be appreciated!

Background Problem
I am using Shimadzu FTIR-8400S but the background is not coming correctly please advise. Click here to respond.

American Scientific Manual Needed
Does anyone have a manual for the American Scientific DN-81? Click here to respond.

Luminex Sheath Fluid
How do I connect the small sheath fluid bottle to the system? Click here to respond.

How to Operate the GAST DOA P704-AA Vacuum Pump
I have the GAST Vacuum machine but do not know how to operate. Does anyone have the knowhow? Click here to respond.

 Featured News

EMCO High Voltage Establishes a New Standard in High 
The A Series is a new line of ultra-miniature, DC to HV DC converters that set a new industry standard in high voltage miniaturization with a unique package occupying less than one tenth of a cubic inch of volume, and an extremely low profile of only 0.250 inches (6.35mm)! Read More.

Forensic Labs: Win a FREE Capture Portable Fuming System! 
Labconco’s CApture™ Portable Fuming Systems offer a quick, portable way to fix latent fingerprints at the crime scene. Now you have a chance to wrap your fingers around your own FREE CApture™ Portable Fuming System! Read More.

High Pressure Chemical Reactors 
Supercritical Fluid Technologies introduces a new series of stirred reactors for high pressure chemistry. The HPR Series Reactors have been designed for researchers who are interested in performing pressurized chemical reactions in their laboratories. Read More.

KNF LABOPORT Filtration Series Diaphragm Pumps Perform Cleanly, Quietly and Reliably Anywhere in the Lab! 
KNF LABOPORT® Filtration Series diaphragm pumps provide ideal solutions for a wide range of applications in the lab, including flask filtration, vacuum blotting, vacuum manifold, and vacuum desiccation. Read More.

 Featured Product

BUCHI Corporation F Series Chillers

Buchi Recirculating Chillers are designed to work seamlessly with a rotary evaporator and vacuum controller. The F-series chillers provide the final step to a fully integrated evaporation or distillation process.

Click here to view the F Series Product Page or here to request more information from Buchi



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