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February 28th, 2011



Did you know you can get all the equipment information you need on LabWrench? The product listings include description, features, specifications, images, manuals and more. We then give you an opportunity to compare, discuss, ask questions and request a quote, it’s just that easy!

 Featured Question and Discussions

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USBDeo Stovall Life Science, Belly Dancer 
Worn out worm gear and swivel rotating screw gear needed. Can I order these two parts please? Click here to respond.

Filter Test Failure on Beckman Coulter DU 800 Series 
Initializing Self-test results indicated the Filter Test failed. In practice, some water blanks had reading of 4.5 OD units. It might be that the filter wheel is stuck or the motor is not functioning. Any suggestions on how to repair it? Click here to respond.

Varian Cary 4000 Failed Wavelength Reproducibility 
What could be the cause of failed wavelength reproducibility on the Varian 4000? Click here to respond.

Lancer 1400UP Door Opened Error during Operation 
During operating cycle, door opened shown on digital display and "pee, pee sound" occur and washer stop. Click here to respond.

 Featured News

Handheld Wireless Data Collector with Graphical Display 
T&D Corporation has introduced their NEW RTR-500DC, a Handheld Wireless Data Collector featuring a large, easy to read graphical display. The RTR-500DC is ideal for applications where items to be monitored are in motion, or where physical access to the data logger itself is inconvenient or impractical. Examples might be display cases, mobile applications or outdoor use. Read More.

Metrohm Chrome-6 IC System for ppt detection of hexavalent chromium 
Environmental testing labs rejoice! The new Metrohm 887 UV/VIS detector is paired with an 881 Ion Chromatograph and Dosino® PCR delivery system for ultra-low determination of hexavalent chromium. In fact, calibration levels down to 12.5 ppt—well below California’s proposed rule, and the EPA’s latest recommendation—have been achieved. Read More.

SQUIRT - the simple solution for flexible and reliable plate washing 
SQUIRT can wash any 96, 384 and 1536-well SBS formatted plate without manifold exchange or adjustment. SQUIRT's unique design sweeps a blade of liquid across the whole surface of the plate. This is followed by an air blade to dry the plate. Read More.

 Featured Product

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