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March 29, 2011



When I first started as manager for LabWrench I had no idea how much social media could impact an industry and help researchers around the world with their equipment problems. Take for example the question we got from Antarctica and many others. Keep them coming, and for those providing answers, thank you!

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Looking at purchasing a viscometer
We are looking at procuring a viscometer for our laboratory. We are a power utility; we have been sending our samples for lab external services. We decide to have our own equipment.Can some recommend viscometer bath to use?
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The Varian SpectrAA 55B cannot ignite
I need to know the possible reasons why our SpectrAA 55B has stopped igniting despite setting it to use both fuel and oxidant. We've checked the solenoid valves are working ok and No error is displayed on a panel, but when we press the ignition button nothing happens.
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Gallios Verify Protocol with Comp
Can anyone suggest a good compensation verify protocol for 10 color comp using cyto-comp cells?
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Heraeus-BB 6220 Repair
We have a Heraeus BBD 6220 CO2 incubator, and it’s water vapour injections stopped working a few days ago. I wonder if you provide repair service, and if yes, can I also ask for the possible price for that? I would very appreciate your help.
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Thermo Scientific-CL2 Keeps blowing boards
We are on our second CL2 in a little over a year and a half. Symptoms are always the same: works for a while, then users come in one day to find the unit dead - no power to front panel.
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Marathon 3200 Bal error at 400 RPM
I'm getting a Bal error at 400 RPM. Nothing obvious to make it unbalanced. cleaned baskets, etc.
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Error Message EEPROM ERROR on Spectronic 601
I have a Spectronic 601 spectrophotometer that is showing the following error message: EEPROM ERROR
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Running the analyzer without DMS
Our computer went down and we are waiting for service. Is there a way we can run the HmX? In the past before computers all analyzers were able to work just fine and print the results. Click here to respond.

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