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April 18, 2011



We're excited about LabWrench and the impact it is having in helping scientists solve their scientific product questions. The community is growing at a phenomenal rate, doubling in activity in the past two months. We'll be adding amazing new functionality and other improvements over the next few months that will really help the community out. If you haven’t become a member yet please join by clicking here - Have a great week everyone!

 Featured Question and Discussions

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RC-5C+ Door Latch
During runs, 'locked' sensor occasionally causes run to terminate prematurely (even though door IS locked). Access to it very difficult. Is a replacement part (sensor) available? (Would like to avoid a $600 svc fee to replace a $5 part!)
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No stability below 280 nm - Shimadzu-UV-1800 
When we are taking absorbance reading, there is no stability at 280 nm or below. At 290 nm and higher, no problem. We replaced the D2 lamp but we still have the stability problem. Our model is the UV 1700 Pharmaspec. 
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Shimadzu GC - 14A Service in the Northern California area
Is there anyone in the San Francisco - Sacramento area that is familiar with servicing GC-14A TOGAS instruments? Our instruments are dedicated for analyzing insulating Oil from transformers and other electrical equipment. We need service from time to time.
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Interfacial Tension Model 21 mfg by Fisher Scientific
We have three Interfacial Tension "IFT" instruments that were manufactured by Fisher Scientific.
They are the semi-automatic Model 21. We need to find a company that can service &/or repair these instruments. We are in northern California.
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 Featured News

Quantachrome Publishes New Video Featuring the Aquadyne DVS
Quantachrome Corporation's YouTube channel now includes a short video demonstrating just how easy it is to obtain water vapor sorption data on two samples simultaneously using their fully automated Aquadyne DVS analyzer.
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The Hudson Robotics VaryVac
Hudson Robotics announces the VaryVac™, a robotically-controlled vacuum nest for filter plates. Used in DNA prep, protein purification, solid-phase separations and other microplate-based filtration, VaryVac has a unique combination of automated lid opening and sealing, precise closed loop control of programmable vacuum levels, as well as an on-board computer that controls and monitors vacuum ramp-up, hold level, and ramp down.
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New & Improved Transilluminator
Hoefer Inc. has announced the introduction of the NEW Improved MacroVue™ UV-25 Variable Intensity Transilluminator.
The NEW MacroVue™ UV-25 Variable Intensity Transilluminator can now be adjusted from 0 to 9,000µW/cm² covering a larger range of preparartive and analytical applications.
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New Eppendorf Eporator® for safe, highly efficient transformation
The newly launched Eppendorf Eporator® offers a fast, simple and safe way to transform bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms with DNA / RNA. Results are highly reproducible and compared with chemical methods, electroporation yields to significantly higher transformation efficiency.
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 Featured Product

The 1700 LXA Glassware Washer from Lancer offers the ultimate in flexibility in washing with the following features:

  • “Glassware washing made easy”
  • Single / double door configurations for pass through applications
  • High capacity cleaning (1-3 levels)
  • HEPA filtered chamber & injection drying
  • Accelerated cycle option
  • Chamber light
  • Vertical sliding glass door
  • 316 L stainless steel chamber
  • Versatile rack selection
  • Cleaning chemicals available

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 Featured Article from Lab Manager Magazine

Scientists & the Social Media
Laboratories are at the forefront of research and analysis. But when it comes to communication, they are followers rather than leaders and can be very slow to adopt innovations. The use of social media is a case in point, as a recent survey of nearly 200 lab managers revealed. There are six good reasons for labs to explore the opportunities offered by the social media.
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Six Reasons Why Laboratories Should Embrace Social Media

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Thanks to AirClean Systems for being our latest sponsor on LabWrench. AirClean® Systems manufactures a complete range of ductless fume hoods and laminar flow hoods designed to protect the operator, the process, or both from toxic vapors, fumes, gases, and particles.

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