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May 9, 2011



Visitors to LabWrench have taken the opportunity to ask their peers for feedback and suggestions before making a buying decision, narrowing their search based on real user experience. LabWrench provides you with product information, a comparison table and the ability to request a quote directly from manufacturers, so go ahead ask your peers for their thoughts. Who knew researching products could be this easy?!

 Featured Question and Discussions

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Display Message Reads ‘Over Inj’ on HP 5890B
I have HP 5890B with FID and TCD my worked by FID .when power on and then (start) key is pressed displayed message (over inj) and buzzer alarm and not ready GC .
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New Brunswick Scientific-Galaxy R Series Manual Request
Can anyone supply a service manual for a Galaxy R+ 170 CO2 Incubator?
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Where to Buy Chemicals to Calibrate Corning 400?
Where can I buy the chemicals to calibrate the 440. What do I need?
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What Does Column Temp h/w Fault (7) Mean for the Water 2690?
Error message "Column temp h/w fault (7)" what does this mean?
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 Featured Product

The Next Generation in Ductless Fume Hood Technology

Declare freedom from expensive ductwork and energy waste while helping preserve valuable natural resources. Independence™ utilizes a new filtration system known as Silconazyne™. By combining two filtration technologies, Silconazyne™ allows for one gas phase filter that fits most gas phase applications.

Visit AirClean Systems for more information or request a quote for the Independence Fume Hood



Process Much Large Volumes with BioSpec Wiggenhauser

The Wiggenhauser homogenizer, a scaled up version of the Tissue-Tearor, is designed to disrupt or emulsify suspension volumes from 1/2 to 8 liters. The probe, made of type 316 stainless steel, has a 30mm tip diameter and 22cm length. The 500 watt motor turns at 10,000-30,000 rpm, variable speed. The unit come complete, ready to use. A robust stand and two different stators are included to cover almost all applications.

Visit BioSpec for more information or request a quote for the Wiggenhauser

 Featured News

Automation of Reverse Transcription of Avian Influenza Viral RNA and Detection of H5N1 with VERSA Mini NAP/PCR Setup Workstation
The importance of rapid avian flu detection worldwide can not be understated. Recent advances in PCR and RT-PCR have accelerated the screening procedure, but sample preparation has lagged behind. Aurora Biomed addressed this problem by validating the VERSA Mini NAP / PCR Setup Workstation for automating the sample preparation steps involved in viral RNA detection from influenza A/H5N1 using a commercially available kit. The detection of amplified products of the proper size for the avian flu genes suggest that the VERSA workstation can be successfully used to automate sample preparation for the detection of a/H5N1 genes. Read More.

Water Analysis is Simplified with Hach’s New DR 3900™ Benchtop Spectrophotometer Featuring RFID Technology
Hach Company unveiled its DR 3900™ spectrophotometer featuring state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology today. Because the DR 3900 innovatively uses the latest technology, it requires less training and increases confidence in the test results. This helps water and wastewater facilities prevent measurement errors. The DR 3900 further simplifies water analysis by walking users through testing procedures to ensure consistently accurate results regardless of the user’s knowledge. Read More.




 Purchaing Guide

Guide to pH Meters

There are many different features of a laboratory pH meter to take into account before making your purchase, including accuracy, calibration type and number of calibration points, intuitive operation, expandability, reliability and value. This guide will take a look at three main selection criteria: benchtop or portable, pH detection range and pH resolution.

View the pH Meter Guide
View all pH Meter Questions on LabWrench

 Recent Questions Asked on LabWrench
 Featured Expert / Special Thanks

Thanks to Miele for becoming the latest sponsor on LabWrench in Lab Glassware Washers

Miele, the performance leader in critical cleaning applications manufactures laboratory glassware washers that produce less noise and heat emissions than most other manufacturers, while also providing lower energy, water, and detergent consumption.

Visit the Miele website today!

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