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May 31, 2011



Many consider the Memorial Day weekend as the ‘unofficial’ start to summer and I for one welcome it! I hope everyone enjoyed their time off, spent time with family and had a bbq or two.

This summer when you’re putting in those long hours in the lab don’t forget you can get equipment support quickly and easily on LabWrench and it’s FREE! Have a great week.

 Featured Question and Discussions

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Pumps Won't Pump
Shimadzu LC-10ADvp squeaks when trying to purge pump. No eluent is pumped. I have used syringe to get eluent to pump head, but yet no eluent flows. Pump heads were takent apart and cleaned. Everything looks ok yet no eluent flow and pumps keep squeeking. Please help!
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Range of Operation
I am measuring different elements with my AA 240 FS, but readings for one of these elements are always out of range, I have to make dilutions to be able to read them. Is there a way to make the working range for the calibration curve wider, I haven´t been able to do that
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ELx50 and EIA
Currently I am trying to use the ELx50 to take the place of hand washing wells from an EIA kit. The plate is read using the Bio Tek ELx800. The kit calls for interpretation of results to be read spectrophotometricly with a positive reading being >=0.180. When doing a parallel study that included low positives (very close to the 0.180 range) the wells washed by the ELx50 show no signs of a positive result while the results of the hand washing register as a positive. The state lab confirmed the low positive result (they are also hand washing) so its not the result that is the issue. Is anyone else using the washer with and EIA kit? If so have you experienced any issues with false negatives and low positives?
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Need Service Manual
Lid spring broken need service manual for EBA 21 centrifuge
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 Featured News

LTE Scientific Touchclave-R: Autoclaves with a Green Side
Carbon footprints seem to be on everyones mind at the moment. Every major organisation and institute is looking for ways of reducing utility consumption. When it comes to autoclaves, the main considerations are electricity usage and water usage. LTE Scientific takes all the necessary steps to ensure that its autoclaves are as efficient as possible without affecting the overall performance of its machines.
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Tecan's new Infinite® M1000 – the future of microplate detection has just arrived
Tecan has recently updated its Infinite M1000 high-end multimode microplate reader with new features designed to offer the same top class performance for an even wider range of applications. First launched in 2008, the Infinite M1000 uses Tecan’s premium Quad4 Monochromators™ technology to offer exceptional speed, sensitivity and flexibility for academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research applications.
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Biotage Introduces New Positive Pressure, Solid Phase Extraction Platforms for Increasing Productivity in Sample Preparation
Biotage®, a leading supplier of tools and technology for analytical and medicinal chemistry, announced 2 new instruments that utilize positive pressure for solid-phase extraction (SPE) of analytes in a wide variety of applications. The Biotage PRESSURE+ 96 processes 96-well SPE plates and the Biotage PRESSURE+ 48 processes up to 48 SPE columns simultaneously.
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 Featured Product

Need help finding the best vacuum pump for your lab application? 
Try our new Pump Finder at to find the best KNF pump for your laboratory. The icon driven Pump Finder is organized by the routine lab tasks such as rotary evaporators, vacuum ovens, filtration, liquid dosing and more. Watch for our catalog in May’s Lab Manager.
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Also, Download the KNF Lab catalog


Take the AQUA SOLUTIONS' Dare to Compare "800" Test 
Just pick up your phone and dial 1-800-458-2021, Ext. 21, 9AM - 4:30 PM Eastern time, and see how long it takes to get connected to a real LIVE person that can help you.

Then, call one of the other guys and see how long it takes.

And, if you're lucky enough to get through to a "real live person", ask them a few pointed questions like:

  • How long is your system warranty?
  • Are your laboratory water purification systems manufactured in the USA?
  • How much total ion exchange capacity do your Type I systems have, as measured in grains as CaCO3?

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Webcast: The Re-Generation Process: How to Re-Energize, Re-Purpose, Re-Invent Your Lab
In this workshop, Ann gets people excited about change and reinvention. She invites people to get creative, look inside and examine what's working and what's not working in their lives and at work. Using her 7 1/2 Steps to Transcend the Status Quo, she takes people through the process of change to help them create a lab where people LOVE going to work.
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Thank You to Agilent Technologies for becoming our most recent sponsor in the Mass Spectrometer category. A World-wide leader in mass spectrometry.

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