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June 6, 2011



May’s ‘Build My Bench’ to win contest was a huge success! We had over 100 participants and 1200 new items benched. By random draw, the winner was Thomas D. from Georgia. Congratulations to Thomas who is the winner of a new Apple iPad. Stay tuned for new contests and events being scheduled for LabWrench and remember to keep benching the lab equipment you’re using or have interest in and LabWrench will keep you connected! Enjoy your week.

 Featured News

Waters Introduces Highest Performing UPLC Ever Engineered – the new ACQUITY UPLC I-Class
The new Waters® ACQUITY UPLC® I-Class System, the highest performing UPLC® system ever engineered taking UltraPerformance LC® separations technology to the next level. For scientists challenged by the most difficult separations, the ACQUITY UPLC I-Class features the lowest system dispersion and lowest carryover in the industry today. Low dispersion maximizes peak capacity thereby advancing chromatographic separations and optimizing the performance of any mass spectrometer.
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Adam Equipment’s Core™ Compact Balances
The durable and compact Core balances come in seven models and are designed for easy storage, making them perfect for the classroom setting. The battery and AC power supply also make them portable and useful for fieldwork. The Core is extremely affordable and comes with a large backlit digital display, color-coded keypad and a removable stainless steel pan.
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Get a FREE Charging Stand for Your eLINE Pipette
The Biohit eLINE Pipette features Electronic Operation which takes the effort out of pipetting and significantly reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). For a limited time (until September 30, 2011) when purchasing any single or multichannel eLINE pipette, the purchaser will receive a FREE Charging Stand
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Downloadable Protocol Library
Introducing a downloadable software protocol library for the Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO microplate spectrophotometer. There are currently 20 ready-made protocols available to cover a wide variety of photometric applications, including a broad range of ELISAs and protein and cell viability assay kits.
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 Featured Product

TotalCare Service From Mettler Toledo Has You Covered!
Even minor problems can lead to costly repairs, not to mention lost man-hours and system downtime – something no organization can afford in these economic times. By the time storm clouds arrive, you might wish you had a bigger umbrella.

That’s where METTLER TOLEDO’s TotalCare Service has you covered. From annual balance, instrument and pipette service to qualification and installation packages and even Good Weighing Practice consultations, METTLER TOLEDO’s TotalCare Service team makes sure your lab runs as efficiently and effectively today and into the future.

Check out the difference yourself.

 Featured Question and Discussions

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NuAire Labgard 425 Maintenance Routine
I would like to have the maintenance & service manual for NU-425 Class II A2 Bio Safety Cabinet
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Help setting up GC and HPLC
Hi - I need help to set up my GC and HPLC that I moved to my new place of work in Palisades, NY. Is there any company in New York or New Jersey that offers these services?
Thank you,
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Bio-Rad CFX96 Delta RN
how can obtain Delta RN from my cfx96 software? can i use ROX like passive dye? I've taqman chemistry to analyze bcr-abl and my standard protocol shown DeltaRN instead RFU in standard curve.
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How to switch off this incubator (NAPCO 8000 series) properly?
I've been using this incubator for a long time, since it's summer vacation, I need to turn it off properly saving the settings, could you please tell me how to do it?
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 Featured Expert / Special Thanks

GenTech Scientific

Your Source for Refurbished and New Analytical Instrument.

Offering Expert Training in:

  • GC/MS – Agilent, HP, Finnigan, Varian,
  • LC/MS – Agilent, HP, Finnigan
  • GC – Agilent, HP, PE, Varian, Shimadzu
  • HPLC – Agilent, HP, PE, Waters, Varian, Shimadzu
  • ICP – Agilent, PE, Varian
  • AA – PE, Varian, Shimadzu
  • Instrument Theory
  • Instrument Operation
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Instrument Repairs and Service
  • EPA/ASTM Method Training
  • ASTM D6584 BioDiesel Training
  • Customized Courses

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