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July 18, 2011



 I hope everyone is enjoying their summer this far, I’ve been busy spending time Tweeting and adding new items to LabWrench, ok I’ve also been boating, camping and bbqing. If you don’t already, be sure to follow LabWrench on Twitter and a few other helpful and informative Tweeters like @LabManager, @LabMgrEvents, and @LabX. Have a great week!

 Featured News

Labconco introduces the NEW RapidVap® Vertex™ Dry Evaporator
Labconco has released the latest dry block evaporator in its RapidVap line. Using dry heat and nitrogen blow down, the NEW RapidVap Vertex Evaporator speeds evaporation of up to 50 samples at the same time. A convenient touch screen LCD allows easy programming of time and temperature. Up to ten different programs may be stored in its microprocessor for protocol consistency. Unlike water bath heaters, the dry block heater requires less maintenance, no distilled water or additives, and adds no potential source of contamination.
Click here and be one of the first to view the NEW RapidVap® Vertex™ Dry Evaporator

SANYO Announces VIP® Series Ultra-Low Storage Solution Freezer With Industry-leading Energy Efficiency at 15.1-kilowatt hours per day*
SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO) Biomedical Solutions Division announces a new ultra-low temperature freezer, the MDF-U76VC, which features SANYO’s unique green technology, for the US market. The new freezer features a new and improved heat exchanger and refrigeration system for increased energy savings with increased efficiency, a minimized footprint for high density storage, and a state-of-the-art preservation system using Cool Safe compressors that are specifically designed for low temperature applications. SANYO VIP® Series freezers offer significant benefits through a balance of refrigeration power, cabinet construction and intelligent control of all functions. The new ultra-low temperature freezer is available starting immediately from SANYO representatives.
Click here to read more about SANYO energy efficient freezers

JEOL Introduces New Environmental Control System for Scientific Instrument Labs
Scientific instrumentation is typically housed in an enclosed room, with just enough access for operation or service. The heat generated from equipment, personnel entering and exiting the room, and the enclosed facility itself can all affect the performance of sensitive instrumentation.
Read more about JEOL's new environmental constrol systems.

 Featured Products

Modular Lab Vacuum Networks Replace Central Vacuum
VACUU·LAN® local area vacuum networks by VACUUBRAND offer a modular, high-performance alternative to central vacuum for lab renovations and new construction. Ideal for multidisciplinary buildings and flexible space. A compact, whisper-quiet, oil-free VACUU·LAN® pump under your bench provides on-demand support for up to sixteen workstations with vacuum as deep as 1.5 Torr—enough for most evaporative applications. Energy savings often exceed 70% versus central vacuum, with pump service intervals of several years in most labs.
Details at

Kilo-lab and Pilot lab vacuum pump
When you need oil-free vacuum with the ultimate in process control, choose the VACUUBRAND® MD 12C VARIO-B vacuum system. These workhorse pumps are highly corrosion resistant, and offer vacuum to 1.5 Torr and pumping speeds to 167 lpm. Equipped with our VARIO® controllers, the pumps are self-regulating, delivering optimized vacuum continuously and automatically without test runs or programming. These pumps can also maintain exact vacuum levels with not hysteresis. Computer link can record process conditions or manage custom protocols.
Please visit Vacuubrand for more details. 




 Featured Questions

It’s easy to ask a question on LabWrench. Visit and use the ‘Ask a Question’ function to get started. Below are some of the most recent questions asked on LabWrench. Please click on the link to provide an answer.

Where can I get directions for use and maintenance,Precision Systems uOsmette, model 5004?

Using the Heraeus BB 6220 O2 regulation does not work, cannot adjust. Any thoughts?

Is there a simple way to adjust the tension on the sash to keep it from coming down on it's own?

I need an instruction manual for the Fisher Scientific Low Temperature 146E. Where can I find a manual?

I am quite new in this field and I need put lab in shape. could you give me advice if I should perform Fridges and Freezers lab validation ? how to do it? are there any protocols vailable? what about fridge calibration?


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 Featured Expert / Special Thanks

Thanks to Vacuubrand for sponsoring the Vacuum Pump and Vacuum System categories on LabWrench.
View a complete list of Vacuubrands Vacuum Pumps here.
View a complete list of Vacuubrands Vacuum Systems here.

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