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July 25, 2011



If you’re anything like me you try to process work quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality in the end, much like the goal of homogenization. The article featured this week from Lab Manager Magazine titled The Right Choice For Homogenization showcases some of the top homogenizers and what applications they are used for. Also, this week we have the first LabWrench Product Survey for Lab Glassware Washers, if you haven’t taken it yet you can do so by clicking here.

 Featured Products

BioSpec BeadBeater
BioSpec has been providing innovative scientific equipment for more than 30 years. The BeadBeater disrupts microorganisms and single-cell preparations with better than 95 percent efficiency. One to 80 grams (wet weight) of cells can be processed in a typical three minute run.
For more information on the BioSpec BeadBeater click here.


IKA T 25 Digital
The T 25 Digital is a high-performance disperser that can homogenize highly viscous substances (up to 5000 mPas) in a short period of time. The rotor-stator system can homogenize hard-to-mix solid/ liquid or liquid/liquid or gaseous/liquid samples.
For more information on the IKA T 25 Digital click here.

 Featured News

SFT-10 High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Pump
Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc. introduces the completely self-contained SFT-10 Liquid Carbon Dioxide Pump. Advanced Peltier (thermoelectric) technology makes it possible to achieve high pressure without the need for an external cooling bath.
Read more about the Supercritical Fluid Technologies SFT-10

JEOL Introduces New Environmental Control System for Scientific Instrument Labs
Scientific instrumentation is typically housed in an enclosed room, with just enough access for operation or service. The heat generated from equipment, personnel entering and exiting the room, and the enclosed facility itself can all affect the performance of sensitive instrumentation. To help ensure optimum instrument performance and maintain a consistently cool environment without adding air turbulence, JEOL, a global supplier of ultrahigh resolution electron microscopes, has developed a unique radiant cooling system for the instrument laboratory.
Read more about the JEOL Environmental Control Systems for Scientific Instrument Labs

Bruker Brings Exceptional High Performance Single and Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry to Gas Chromatographers with the Release of the SCION Series
At the 2011 Florida Pesticide Residue Workshop, Bruker announced the release the SCION TQ™ triple quadrupole and the SCION SQ™ single quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas chromatography (GC) detection. Designed especially to enhance data quality and productivity for analysts working in routine testing and applied markets, these systems combine performance and value like never before in GC-MS. The SCION GC-MS platform offers revolutionary performance and ease of use, particularly for the food safety and environment monitoring communities, and represent an innovation leap in GC-MS technology.
Read more about the release of the SCION Series from Bruker.

Improving chiral separation and natural product sample preparation
The Genevac Rocket Evaporator is widely used by researchers seeking to extract functional molecules from natural sources. Typically investigations involve a primary solvent extraction of natural products that result in a large volume of crude extract. The crude extract is then often concentrated before being fractionated to isolate each component. The time consuming concentration task has been revolutionised by the unique large volume parallel processing capabilities of the ROCKET evaporator. The process of natural product fractionation typically produces many samples from a single extract. These samples need then to be evaporated before storage or analysis.
Read more about Improving chiral separation and natural product sample preparation

 Featured Questions and Discussions

It’s easy to ask a question on LabWrench, visit the homepage and use the ‘Ask a Question’ function to get started also be sure to check out the questions below and provide answers where possible by clicking on the link provided or view responses to recent questions.

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Respond to: Shimadzu QP5050A will not tune even with the new filaments.

View the Response for: Wondering if anyone has had experience running an HAA5 Extraction on an HP5890 Series II Plus GC

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Lab Glassware Washers Survey – You Could Win a New iPod Nano with Multi-touch!
Your input on Lab Washers will be used only for editorial purposes, to identify trends and developments and included in a section called “Survey Says” in Lab Manager Magazine. The survey should take less than 5 minutes of your time to complete. Click here to start the survey!

 Featured Product For Sale

Available from American Laboratory Trading; Brinkmann Polytron PT 3000Homogenizer

Item Specifics:
Capacity Speed 30000 RPM
Voltage 110 VOLTS
Frequency 50/60 HERTZ
Phase 1
Current 710 W
Material of Construction 304 STAINLESS STEEL

Visit American Laboratory Trading for more information or to request a quote

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