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August 1, 2011



There are many different features of a pipette to take into consideration before making your purchase, including ergonomics, low force, fitting, ease of use, reliability, accuracy and precision. Take a look at the Guide to Pipettes to help narrow down a list of models that might suite your pipetting needs by looking at three main selection criteria. Click here to view the Pipette Guide on LabWrench.

 Featured News

Get a FREE Charging Stand for Your eLINE Pipette
The Biohit eLINE Pipette features Electronic Operation which takes the effort out of pipetting and significantly reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

One eLINE electronic pipette covers the volume of two mechanical pipettes. These units are available in single-channel models covering the volume range of 0.2 to 5000 µl and multichannel models from 0.2 to 1200 µl.

The eLINE pipettes are twice as fast as mechanical pipettes and feature unique electronic tip ejection.

For a limited time (until September 30, 2011) when purchasing any single or multichannel eLINE pipette, the purchaser will receive a FREE Charging Stand.

Click here for a quote on the Biohit eLINE

 Featured Products

A New Benchmark in Pipettes – Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!
The Transferpette S pipettes were benchmarked against all of the leading instruments, incorporating the best features of each, to achieve an exceptional standard of comfort in a traditional design. The Transferpette S offers robust yet lightweight construction, superior autoclavability, simple one-handed operation, and high degree of accuracy and precision, and Easy Calibration™ technology for long lasting reliability. Available as fixed-volume and digital models in volume ranges from 0.1uL to 10mL.

Request a Transferpette® S Single Channel Pipette Quote

Visit the BrandTech Scientific website

Market Leader in Performance and Ergonomics - Biohit eLINE
The electronic Biohit eLINE pipette is the market leader in performance and ergonomics. This award winning pipette takes the effort out of pipetting and significantly reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Click here for more information

 Featured Questions and Discussions for Pipettes

It’s easy to ask a question on LabWrench, visit the homepage and use the ‘Ask a Question’ function to get started.

I broke the cones of my 8 channel 0.5-10ul transferpette. I changed the cones and placed new ones in. I want to check to see is the accuracy of the instrument is good or if I need to calibrate it. If I need calibration, how can I get that done? Click here to view the response from BrandTech Scientific.

How do I calibrate a Rainin pipet-plus lts rl?, cause I already check for any part problem, and I'm getting high volumes, it just need calibration. Click here to provide a response for the Rainin Pipet Plus RL.

I'm using organic solvent with an air-displacement pipette and its causing leaks. Click here to provide a response.

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Because of your involvement in the laboratory research community, your participation in taking the Pipettes survey would be greatly appreciated. The results of this survey will be used for editorial purposes to identify trends and developments. Click here to take the Pipettes survey.

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Thanks to Thermo Scientific for becoming the most recent sponsor in the Pipette category on LabWrench.

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