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August 15, 2011



Shimadzu’s UV-1800 spectrophotometer has powerful UV-VIS performance and functionality in a compact design; to learn more about it, check out the featured product below or click here. This week’s questions, news, and product focus relates to UV-VIS Spectrophotometers; if there is a category you would like me to focus on or would like to provide feedback as to what would make this newsletter most valuable to you, please email

 Featured News

Jenway’s 6800 spectrophotometer gains new qualifications!
For the first time, Jenway’s Model 6800 spectrophotometer is available with comprehensive IQ/OQ documentation, satisfying the requirements of customers, particularly those in the pharmaceutical sector and other regulated industries. Click here to read the full article.

Biochrom Special offer: Biowave II UV-Vis spectrophotometers for low volume DNA measurements
A great solution for measuring DNA in low volume samples, Biowave II / II+ UV-Vis spectrophotometers from Biochrom now come with 500 70µl disposable cuvettes and a 100 µl pipette free of charge. 
Click here for more information / to take advantage of this offer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Downloadable Protocol Library
Introducing a downloadable software protocol library for the Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO microplate spectrophotometer. There are currently 20 ready-made protocols available to cover a wide variety of photometric applications, including a broad range of ELISAs and protein and cell viability assay kits. 
Click here to read the full article.

 Featured Product

Shimadzu UV-1800
Maintaining the highest level of wavelength resolution in its class (1 nm), Shimadzu's latest UV-VIS spectrophotometer, the UV-1800, can function as a standalone instrument or can be PC-controlled with USB memory.
Click here for more information on the Shimadzu UV-1800


Thermo Scientific NanoDrop™ 2000 / 2000c
Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000 and 2000c are full spectrum UV-Vis spectrophotometers capable of measuring samples as small as 0.5ul. Both instruments utilize a patented sample retention system which allows for micro-volumes to be directly pipetted on a measurement surface, virtually eliminating the need for dilutions.
Click here for more information or to discuss the Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000

 Featured Questions and Discussions

It’s easy to ask a question on LabWrench, visit the homepage and use the ‘Ask a Question’ function to get started.

Manual Needed Explaining Chlorophyll-a Measured
Do you have a manual explaining how chlorophyll-a is measured using the Varian Cary 50
Provide an answer here.

Manual Needed for Spectronic 21
Looking for a manual for the Spectronic 21
Provide an answer here.

Varian Cary 100 UV Lamp Strike Error
Replacing uv lamp didn't help.
Provide an answer here.

Original Replacement Holder Needed
I purchased a used Spectronic 20 and it came with the larger 3/4" 0.75 inch sample holder. Where can I get an original replacement holder?
Provide an answer here.

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 Evolution of UV-VIS Spectrophotometers

In the 1930s, vitamin research indicated that several vitamins, particularly vitamin A, absorb ultraviolet (UV) light. Spurred by the American government’s interest in measuring vitamin content in soldiers’ rations using ultraviolet and visible (UV-Vis) light, this research culminated in the commercial launch of UV-Vis spectrophotometers in the early 1940s. Of these, the Beckman DU spectrophotometer—first sold in 1941— distinguished itself from competing products by delivering more accurate results and reducing analysis time from hours, or even weeks, to minutes. Read more here.

 Featured Expert / Special Thanks

Thanks to SpectraLab Scientific Inc for sponsoring LabWrench. SpectraLab Scientific delivers laboratory solutions with the latest scientific technologies. SpectraLab is a growing Canadian company which offers refurbished HPLC's, GC's, GC/MSD or LC(GC)/MS/MS and the products associated and related to these instruments. Click here to visit their website.

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