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August 29, 2011



When it comes to thermal analysis, calorimetry and the determination of thermophysical properties, NETZSCH leads the way. With 50 years of extensive applications experience & engineering know-how, a broad state-of-the-art product portfolio, and comprehensive service offerings, they ensure their solutions will not only meet your every requirement but also exceed your every expectation. Visit NETZSCH and put their expertise to work for you.

 Featured News

Novel High Speed Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Building on our 50-year commitment of providing technology-leading solutions to the field of materials characterization, METTLER TOLEDO introduces a revolutionary instrument that expands the boundaries of thermal analysis—the Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter (FDSC)
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Automated Protein Sample Preparation System Achieves Quality Milestone
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, in collaboration with Perfinity Biosciences, has developed the Perfinity Workstation (patent pending). Utilizing Shimadzu HPLC components in combination with Perfinity optimized columns, the Perfinity Workstation provides users with fast, highly reproducible results. The machine achieves this through standardized columns and reagents, proprietary software, and an automated workflow that eliminates human error and disjointed protein sample prep processes. 
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Horizon Technology Introduces the SmartPrep Extractor™
Horizon Technology is proud to introduce the brand new SmartPrep Extractor. This system delivers unprecedented versatility and intelligent sample preparation capabilities for cartridge-based automated SPE. 
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 Featured Product

Netzsch Dilatometry – DIL 402 C
The highly vacuum tight pushrod dilatometer DIL 402 C will meet all of your measurement needs for determining thermal length changes for solids, melts, powders, pastes,or liquids.
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Shimadzu TMA-60/60H
Capable of evaluating the mechanical characteristics of materials, the TMA-60/60H thermomechanical analyzers are applicable to a number of measurement methods (expansion, tension, and penetration) for a variety of samples.
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 Featured Questions

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Where to Purchase?
Where can I purchase a new key pad for the Baxter DN-63?
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Agilent 6890 Autosampler Not Working
Our autosampler report the following error message: The autosampler has reported an erro: Z-axis not at home.
Looks, like the autosampler arm is not rotating when the GC powers on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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CARY 100 Error Code E9330 Chopper not up to speed
Our Cary suddenly start giving error code E9930 Chopper not up to speed Fault reported by the instrument software while calibrating. E9329 Chopper Failure.
I would appreciate any help. The unit was previously working until it was moved to another location.
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Preventative Maintenance on Rigaku ZSX Primus II
Anyone have a maintenance manual for this instrument?
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