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November 14, 2011



PCI has been providing compliance solutions to the Life Science industry since 1996. PCI is an industry leader in quality technical services and consulting services for process equipment, analytical equipment, pipettes, data analysis, and consulting. Visit PCI’s website by clicking here.

 Featured News

Optima X Series Ultracentrifuges from Beckman Coulter Offer Cutting-edge Usability and Communication Features Users Save Time, Reduce Costs, Increase Security
New Optima X Series preparative ultracentrifuges from Beckman Coulter, Inc. incorporate an array of contemporary technical features to enhance the user experience, increase productivity and reduce costs. The new floor-model instruments also incorporate the industry-leading technology that originally put Optima ultracentrifuges at the top of their class.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Enables Easy HPLC Method Transitions
With the ability to significantly reduce the time spent in experimentally defining optimal analysis condition, the HPLC Method Development Calculator provides users with quick and easy access to the technical expertise of chromatographers at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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Young Scientists no Longer on Top
The most interesting case is physics, Weinberg said. In physics, there was an especially notable increase in the early 20th century in the frequency of young scientists producing prize-winning work. The proportion of physicists who did their prize-winning work by age 30 peaked in 1923 at 31 percent. Those that did their best work by age 40 peaked in 1934 at 78 percent.
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Mass Spectrometry Detectors: Structural Identity for LC, GC Systems
This is all great news for users. As the education and expertise levels of chromatographers wanes, their employers increasingly look for turnkey systems. That means developers must spend more time thinking of the user experience and workflows. What information is being brought into the analysis at the front end, and where will the data go after it’s acquired?
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 Featured Product

A New Benchmark in Pipettes – Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!

The Transferpette S pipettes were benchmarked against all of the leading instruments, incorporating the best features of each, to achieve an exceptional standard of comfort in a traditional design. The Transferpette S offers robust yet lightweight construction, superior autoclavability, simple one-handed operation, and high degree of accuracy and precision, and Easy Calibration™ technology for long lasting reliability. Available as fixed-volume and digital models in volume ranges from 0.1uL to 10mL.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

I have to fix the power cord on a Branson Sonifier S-450A
I can not open the top frame. I did unscrew three at base but difficult to open. Can some one let me know how to open it?
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Tecan Aquarius
We have liquid handler Tecan Aquarius with PC but haven't any passwords for Aquarius Software. Does anything possibly exist to restore password of any user without reinstalling the software, because we don't have the CD? Thanks.
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Image problem with LICOR Analyzer 4300
Hello, I have a problem when I get the electrophoresis images from the LICOR Analyzer 4300. I think that my images were roundup. What can I do?
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Lab Instruments
Why are there so many OEM equipment out in the market? With exact feature and specification but just different brand name. Price wise is different by a lot too!
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Used Lab Equipment - A Smart Alternative to New?

Anyone starting a new lab on their own is going to be purchasing expensive lab equipment and in order to get the precise results needed quality equipment is a must. With dollars and budgets being minimal a researcher may be limited to what they can buy new, effecting the experiments and research they wish to conduct. So the question I have “Is used equipment the smart alternative to buying new?” View entire blog post.


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