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September 12, 2011



Vacuum pumps are used in dozens of laboratory applications including filtration, evaporation, degassing, and more. The two most common technologies are Diaphragm and Rotary Vane pumps. Diaphragm pumps are oil-free and suitable for applications above about 1 Torr, which covers the vast majority of filtrations and aspirations. Rotary vane pumps use oil for sealing and lubrication and require substantially more maintenance than oil-free pumps. View both of these styles of Vacuum Pumps and more on LabWrench.

 Featured News

VACUUBRAND® Kilo-lab and Pilot Lab Vacuum Pump
When you need oil-free vacuum with the ultimate in process control, choose the VACUUBRAND® MD 12C VARIO-B vacuum system. These workhorse pumps are highly corrosion resistant, and offer vacuum to 1.5 Torr and pumping speeds to 167 lpm.
Read more about the Kilo-lab and Pilot Lab Vacuum Pump here.

VACUUBRAND® Hybrid Vacuum Pump Reduces Oil Changes by 90%
The VACUUBRAND® RC 6 Chemistry-HYBRID vacuum pump dramatically reduces service interruptions and costs compared with conventional rotary vane pumps. You get the vacuum range of a rotary vane pump (2x10-3 mbar) and the service advantages of a corrosion-resistant diaphragm pump.
Read more about the Hybrid Vacuum Pump here.

Growth for Vacuum Pumps is in High-Tech Applications
The European vacuum pumps market is anticipated to witness growth, fuelled by high-tech applications for vacuum technologies and the rising awareness of the benefits of using vacuum systems.
Read more about the Growth for Vacuum Pumps is in High-Tech Applications here.

 Featured Product

Compact Filtration/Aspiration Vacuum Pumps

VACUUBRAND’s economical new ME 1 oil-free pump provides whisper-quiet vacuum for applications like aqueous filtration and sample preparation. The top-mounted power switch is convenient even with gloves, and the 5x10” footprint uses minimal bench space. An optional manual control valve with dial gauge enables adjustment of pumping speed. For aggressive solvents, choose the ME 1C pump, with its fluoropolymer flow-path.

Visit VACUUBRAND for more information


LABOPORT® pumps are the perfect vacuum source for all brands of rotary evaporators, gel dryers, concentrators, vacuum ovens, filtration devices, or for general lab use such as larger scale degassing, vacuum manifold filtration, vacuum blotting, vacuum desiccators.

Visit KNF Lab for more information





 Featured Question and Discussions

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Varian VacIon Plus
How can I recondition my VacIon plus in the field?
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How Much Power and Current is Required Pump Starts
I need to know how much power and current is required when the N940.3FTP pump is initially starting up. I am using the pump with an off-grid power supply. I can only find information about operating power and current, but not for initial start-up of the pump.
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How to Operate the Machine
I have the GAST Vacuum machine but i do not know how to operate it.
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Glove Box Recommendation?
We are considering purchasing a glove box for use in a compounding pharmacy. I have no experience in this, having only worked in laminar flows hoods. I would very much appreciate any advice or recommendations form someone who has used them.
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 Product News

Vacuum Pump Survey
The editors of LabWrench are conducting a brief survey on Vacuum Pumps. Your input on Vacuum Pumps will be used only for editorial purposes, to identify trends and developments and will be included in a new editorial section in Lab Manager Magazine called “Survey Says.” The survey should take less than 5 minutes of your time to complete.
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 Featured Expert / Special Thanks

Thanks to Agilent Vacuum Pump Technology for sponsoring the Vacuum Pump category on LabWrench You can view all the former Varian Products and current Agilent Equipment on LabWrench for all your Vacuum Technology needs.

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