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October 10, 2011



Although less than a decade old, UHPLC—ultra high performance liquid chromatography—has become the de facto performance standard despite lagging far behind conventional HPLC in total systems sold. UHPLC refers to about a dozen rapid, very high-pressure (above 5,000 psi) LC systems employing stationary phase particle sizes of around two micrometers or smaller. Click here to read more about UHPLC from Lab Manager Magazine.

 Featured News

Phenomenex Adds Phenyl-Hexyl Phase to Kinetex® Core-Shell HPLC/UHPLC Column Line
Kinetex Phenyl-Hexyl offers a unique selectivity for the separation of compounds that are difficult to resolve using traditional phenyl phases. The new Phenyl-Hexyl columns complement the existing Kinetex phases and are especially effective for resolving aromatic hydrocarbons such as tricyclic antidepressants and explosives.
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SFT - HPR Series - High Pressure Chemical Reactors From Supercritical Fluid Technologies
The HPR Series Reactors have been designed for researchers who are interested in performing pressurized chemical reactions in their laboratories. Whether it is high pressure chemical synthesis or process development, the HPR Series is an excellent unit for those applications.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Robotic Autosampler for Unmatched Automation in Sample Preparation and Handling
Compatible with Thermo Scientific GC and GC/MS systems, the autosampler sets new standards in automation and provides advanced liquid handling cycles that enable automated functionality beyond traditional liquid, headspace and solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injections.
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Agilent Technologies Introduces Sub-Two Micron Reversed-Phase UHPLC Column, Enabling Fast Higher-Order Protein Characterization
The new columns are packed with ZORBAX StableBond stationary phase, providing high stability down to pH 1, permitting use of trifluoroacetic acid and formic acid eluents with confidence. The columns are stable up to 90 C, without compromising durability.
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 Featured Product

Shimadzu Nexera – The Only No Compromise UHPLC System

Achieving new, greater performance levels, the next-generation Nexera LC from Shimadzu addresses all analysis requirements: conventional / high speed-ultra-high speed / high resolution / high temperature, with no compromise in data integrity.

Experience Nexera UHPLC Here!


 Featured Question and Discussions

Electrical diagram is not available
Hello, I got the water leak into the instrument's power supply (on the back) and it stopped working. Cannot fix it without having an electrical diagram. Wonder if someone has it. Thank you.
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Data handling in Chemstation A.10.02
1. How can I print a "zoomed" chromatogram? 2. How can I change the font size on the axes of a chromatogram (x and y)? 3. How can I change the way Chemstation integrates peaks? Thank you.
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The screen of my pump is blank
The LCD screen of my pump is blank.the pump initialises but the writings do not show.
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LC is not connected
Recently connected my computer to internet via ethernet cable instead of wireless and the computer no longer connect to the LC.
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UHPLC Survey

Your input on UHPLC Systems will be used for editorial purposes, to identify trends and developments, and will be included in a new editorial section called “Survey Says.” The survey should take less than 5 minutes of your time to complete.

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Webcast: Trends in Cell-Based Assays and Technologies 

Dr. Garippa discusses the recent trends in cell culture which include: the increasing use of stem cells in compound screening, the integration of label-free assays along with conventional assays, and the use of innovative de-cellularized scaffolding and synthetic materials for cell growth.

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